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Here’s video of KFOR’s Chellie Mills fainting during the marathon…

Marisa alluded to this in today's MMTs, but apparently KFOR reporter Chellie Mills fainted on live TV yesterday while covering the marathon on Sunday morning. Fortunately, she was okay:

chellie mills passed out

Listen, if anyone is allowed to faint on live TV, it's Chellie Mills. Not only is she pregnant with like her tenth baby or whatever, but she also has to deal with Chron's disease. The woman is a trooper and can probably kick all of our asses. We like her and wish her the best.

And yet when a TV reporter passes out on live TV while interviewing a kid in front of banana stand, you have to watch it. Thankfully, an Ogle Mole captured video of the event and sent it to us.

Here's the video:

Listen, that's not funny. It shouldn't be funny. There's nothing funny about it... and it wouldn't have been if not for the reaction and sound effect that came from George Michael Jr. Outside of the time Gob was dropped into the harbour by the crane, I've never laughed that hard at someone in a banana suit. It was priceless.

That being said, if you laughed at a pregnant woman fainting, you really are an asshole, should feel ashamed and probably deserve intense psychotherapy. Maybe I'll see you in the waiting room.

Anyway, this got me thinking about some other live bloopers we've seen on air in Oklahoma City. Chellie's made some of those highlights, too. Here are some of the better ones. Enjoy...

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