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Dave Morris is lonely…

dave morris

Remember Dave Morris?

We used to write about him on this site back in the day, but then he and his hot wife split and I finally added the Chrome Flashblock extension to stop those annoying autoplay videos and we kind of forgot about him.

Seriously, if you read on a semi-regular basis and don't have Flashblock, you're missing out. Life is so much better without those annoying autoplay videos. It's nice to read an article in your cubicle about a murder, deadly car crash or the latest Thunder injury without having some realtor announce to you and the entire office that he sells Edmond.

Now that I'm done giving valuable life advice, check out this pic that a Mole sent us of Dave Morris playing the keyboards at either an Oklahoma City Chamber event or the Mini Haha Bingo Hall off I-35. I'm not sure which one...

dave morris keyboard

Boy, how the mighty have fallen.

I know playing "Rocket Man" by yourself on a stage with a balloon bouquet isn't necessarily a dream gig, and it is a far cry from his glory days rocking the beats in Falcon Five-O, but can't Dave at least pretend to have a good time? He looks as happy as a call center employee glancing around to see if anyone heard the NewsOK autoplay video.

See what I did there? I brought it all back together. That's why I'm rich!

Anyway, what can we do to cheer this guy up? Dave has always been a ladies man. Legends of his conquests in the TV newsrooms are part of local media lore. Why don't we hook him up with Ashley Kringen or Markie Martin? Better yet, maybe we should work on a Falcon Five O reunion:


Seriously, I miss those guys. And I know I'm not the only one...

falcon five oh

If you have any suggestions on how to get Dave out of his rut and back into happy land, let us know in the comments. We, along with Dave, will appreciate it.

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