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Ogle Madness VIII Championship Game: Russell Westbrook vs Gary England

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After two weeks of heated competition, nail-biters and voting controversies, we're finally at the Ogle Madness VIII Championship Game. The entire competition had morphed from a silly spring content filler into a symbolic battle of the two things Oklahomans love most – sports and weather.

Here's your final matchup:

(2) Russell Westbrook vs. (2) Gary England

Yes, the bionic point guard goes up against the holy weather deity. This is the first all-male finals in Ogle Madness history, which proves that we're all maturing. It's also the second meeting in Ogle Madness history between Lord Gary and Westbrook. Way back in Ogle Madness V, Westbrook beat Gary in the Elite Eight en route to losing in the finals to Emily Sutton.

The Final Four matchup for both contestants wasn't very close. Russ spun Joleen Chaney like a tilt-a-whirl while Gary England stormed through Olivia Munn with the might of a maxi-wedge grinder. If you want to check out how each person got here, and see how the entire Ogle Madness VIII bracket played out, you can view it here.

Anyway, so who will join Lauren Richardson, Kristen Chenoweth, Kevin Durant, Emily Sutton and Lacey Swope in Ogle Madness history? Vote after the jump. Polls are open through tomorrow.

Also, let's give a round of applause to Tony for being our guide through all of Ogle Madness VIII. If you think voting is monotonous and gets kind of old, imagine what it's like having to put together all these posts. He'll be back on Wednesday with the Championship Game results.

(2) Gary England vs (2) Russell Westbrook

gary england big news 9 commercial

(2) Gary England

Round 1: Defeated Sally Kern
Round 2: Defeated The Blue House
Sweet 16: Defeated Marijuana
Elite Eight: Defeated Emily Sutton
Final Four: Defeated Olivia Munn

Who He is: Weather deity.

Strengths: Too many to list.

Weaknesses: Somehow has never won Ogle Madness. You have all failed him.


(2) Russell Westbrook

Round 1: Defeated Yellow Lamborghini Driver
Round 2: Defeated Linda Cavanaugh
Sweet 16: Defeated Joe Dorman
Elite Eight : Defeated Lacey Swope
Final Four: Defeated Joleen Chaney

Who he is: The most valuable player in the NBA.

Strengths: So undeniably good now that even crusty old white men can't deny it.

Weaknesses: It just feels like he's going to hurt himself again at any moment.


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