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Ogle Madness VIII: Elite Eight, West Region

rw lacey swope

This afternoon's game has the potential to be an instant classic. The defending Ogle Madness champion, Lacey Swope, fresh off a nail-biter of a win over Steven Adams, is taking on 2-seed and one-man-wrecking-ball Russell Westbrook. This game seems almost impossible to predict; Russell Westbrook is maybe loved more ferociously than anyone in OKC right now, and Swope barely eeked out a win over Russ' teammate Adams, but would anyone here actually bet against Lacey Swope?

Vote for this matchup after the jump. The winner will take on either Joleen Chaney or the Lake Hefner Goats in the tomorrow's Final 4.

(1) Lacey Swope vs (2) Russell Westbrook

lacey swope big

(1) Lacey Swope

Round 1: Defeated Emily Sutton's Okie
Round 2: Defeated Abigail Ogle
Sweet 16: Defeated Steven Adams

Who she is: The defending Ogle Madness champion

Strengths: Killing animals

Weaknesses: It's always harder to win the second time around


russell westbrook abs

(2) Russell Westbrook

Round 1: Defeated Yellow Lamborghini Driver
Round 2: Defeated Linda Cavanaugh
Sweet 16: Defeated Joe Dorman

Who he is: The most valuable player in the NBA.

Strengths: So undeniably good now that even crusty old white men can't deny it.

Weaknesses: It just feels like he's going to hurt himself again at any moment.

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