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Ogle Madness VIII: Elite Eight, Southeast Region

joleen hefner goats

We had a pair of close and surprising games yesterday. Lord Gary England made his first Ogle Madness Final Four after defeating two-time champ and 1-seed Emily Sutton by a count of 372 to 315. He will face off against 3-seed Olivia Munn in the Final 4. The movie, TV and cosplay star defeating a struggling Kevin Durant by a score of 361 - 320.

With both 1-seeds down, Joleen Chaney can't get comfortable. This morning, she's taking on the surprising Lake Hefner Goats. While Joleen is an Ogle Madness mainstay, the six-seeded goats are newcomers to both OKC and the Ogle Madness tourney. If the Lake Hefner Goats make the Final Four, it will be the greatest feat for an animal in Oklahoma since Bonkers the chimpanzee captured headlines at the Oklahoma City Zoo by teaching her zookeeper trigonometry in the 1970s.

Vote now! The winner takes on the victor from today's afternoon matchup between Lacey Swope and Russell Westbrook.

(1) Joleen Chaney vs (6) Lake Hefner Goats

joleen chaney cold

(1) Joleen Chaney

Round 1: Defeated Discriminated White Girl from Ada
Round 2: Defeated the Dry Slot
Sweet 16: Defeated Marla Morgan

Who she is: Two-time Ogle Madness runner-up

Strengths: Sneaking her way into viral news stories about people who either smell fire or live on a school bus.

Weaknesses: Does anyone else feel like she's kinda kept a low profile lately? News 9 needs to put her on the anchor desk.



(6) Lake Hefner Goats

Round 1: Defeated Lake Hefner Frackers
Round 2: Defeated Bob Stoops
Sweet 16: Defeated the Red Dog Cafe Chef

Who they are: Oklahoma City's most modern lawnmowers

Strengths: Saves on gas.

Weaknesses: Have you ever met a goat? Those sons of bitches are mean as hell. Zero social skills.


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