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Ogle Madness VIII: Elite Eight, Northeast Region

durant munn

This afternoon's Elite Eight game is the only time you're going to see Kevin Durant in a competition in the foreseeable future. It's a matchup between the top-seeded and two-time Ogle Madness champ Durant and PC North's own Olivia Munn, whose 15 minutes still hasn't run out. I guess she's here to stay.

These two have met twice times in Ogle Madness. In 2010's Ogle Madness III, Durant defeated Munn 325-203 in the Elite Eight, and the next year, in Ogle Madness IV, KD beat her in the Final Four, 331-218. Can KD make it three Ogle Madness victories over Munn or is this the year she finally takes him down?

Vote now, and don't forget to vote for in this morning's games. The winner of this matchup will take on the victor of Emily Sutton vs. Gary England.


(1) Kevin Durant

Round 1: Defeated the KFOR Social Media Bandit
Round 2: Defeated Lawton Rappers
Sweet 16: Defeated Sir John Michael

Who he is: Badass basketball playing man.

Strengths: So good, he makes OU fans forget he played at Texas.

Weaknesses: The Thunder's training staff


olivia munn costume 5

(3) Olivia Munn

Round 1: Defeated the OKC Magic Club
Round 2: Defeated Miss State Fair
Sweet 16: Defeated Garth Brooks

Who she is: The actress with even more creepy internet stalkers than Felicia Day.

Strengths: She bagged a better QB than Gisele did...

Weaknesses: Ludicrously defended Aaron Sorkin's idiotic Mens's Rights rape storyline on The Newsroom.

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