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Ogle Madness VIII: Elite Eight, Midwest Region

england vs sutton

Happy Monday morning, everyone, and welcome back to Ogle Madness VIII. This morning we kick off the Elite Eight with a mouth-watering matchup between perhaps the two most beloved meteorologists in OKC history, Emily Sutton and Gary England. Sorry, Paul Bouchereau, you didn't make that cut.

This is a classic matchup of the wily veteran and the young upstart. It's also a bit of history, as it's the first ever meeting in Ogle Madness history between these two juggernauts. Will the torch be passed once and for all, or can Lord Gary show everyone he's not done yet?

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(1) Emily Sutton vs (2) Gary England

emily sutton weather dong

(1) Emily Sutton

Round 1: Defeated Scott from Scott's Motor Cars
Round 2: Defeated 107.7 The Franchise
Sweet 16: Defeated Mike Gundy

Who she is: You know who she is, don't you? Of course you do, creepy internet guy.

Strengths: Still being able to get ridiculously excited about our daily earthquakes.

emily sutton earthquake

Weaknesses: Bladder control.


gary england big news 9 commercial

(2) Gary England

Round 1: Defeated Sally Kern
Round 2: Defeated The Blue House
Round 3: Defeated Marijuana

Who He is: Weather deity.

Strengths: Too many to list.

Weaknesses: Somehow has never won Ogle Madness. You have all failed him.


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