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Ogle Madness VIII: Second Round, West Region

12:35 PM EDT on March 24, 2015

Welcome to the final Second Round games! Did you vote in this morning's regional? If not, be sure to do it here. The afternoon matchups feature two Thunder players, two politicians, and three local newswomen. Somewhere, Jessica Shambach is weeping that she didn't make the field.

(1) Lacey Swope vs (9) Abigail Ogle
(4) Steven Adams vs (5) Oklahoma Hoodie Wearer
(3) Mayor Mick vs (11) Joe Dorman
(2) Russell Westbrook vs (7) Linda Cavanaugh

Vote below! The Sweet 16 begins tomorrow...

(1) Lacey Swope vs (9) Abigail Ogle

lacey swope big

Lacey Swope

Round 1: Defeated Emily Sutton's Okie

Who she is: The defending Ogle Madness champion

Strengths: Killing animals

Weaknesses: It's always harder to win the second time around



(9) Abigail Ogle

Round 1: Defeated Dean Blevins

Who she is: Future ruler of this town

Strengths: Her last name

Weaknesses: Her Facebook fans are real jackasses



(4) Steven Adams vs (5) Oklahoma Hoodie Wearer

steven adams

(4) Steven Adams

Round 1: Defeated Bethany

Who he is: Funny interview-giver and surprisingly good basketball player

Strengths: Those Kiwi good looks

Weaknesses: His hands. Catch the ball, Steven!



(5) Oklahoma Hoodie Wearer

Who they are: Hoodie-loving people of Oklahoma

Strengths: Comfort and warmth on a crisp fall day

Weaknesses: Our moronic legislators might try to make them illegal again



(3) Mayor Mick vs (11) Joe Dorman


(3) Mayor Mick

Round 1: Defeated Derpy Dan Fisher

Who he is: The Mayor of a Big League City in the midwest plains.

Strengths: Managed to go on Meet The Press and brag about Oklahoma City without having to answer a single mild question about our schools.

Weaknesses: Probably isn't actually a pot-smoking mayor.


9 JB Dorman Bricktown Brewery

(11) Joe Dorman

Round 1: Defeated Mary Fallin's Gold Bust

Who he is: The guy who got smoked by Mary Fallin in November.

Strengths: Uses the pick-up line "Ever seen the top of a bald man's head?" Sometimes it even works.

Weaknesses: Decided to wait until he was out of office and had already lost his governor's race to start actually fighting for things, just like all weaksauce Democrats.



(2) Russell Westbrook vs (7) Linda Cavanaugh

russell westbrook abs

(2) Russell Westbrook

Round 1: Defeated Yellow Lamborghini Driver

Who he is: The most valuable player in the NBA.

Strengths: So undeniably good now that even crusty old white men can't deny it.

Weaknesses: It just feels like he's going to hurt himself again at any moment.


linda cavanaugh

(7) Linda Cavanaugh

Round 1: Defeated Jenni Carlson

Who she is: Legendary newslady.

Strengths: Just keeps plugging along and outlasting all the others who want her job.

Weaknesses: The sort of person who tweets stuff like this into your feed:

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