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Ogle Madness VII: Second Round, Northeast Region


Welcome back to Ogle Madness VIII! The second round starts today. This week's games will be 100% MJim Inhofe free. He performed as well as the Big 12. If you'd like to see the complete results of the first round of games, you can find them here.

Today's games feature a whopping three local TV meteorologists. Analysts have dubbed it "The Region of Wrong."  Here are the matchups:

(1) Emily Sutton vs (9) 107.7 The Franchise
(4) Mike Gundy vs (5) David Payne
(3) The Ogle Brothers vs (6) Marijuana
(2) Gary England vs (7) The Blue House


(1) Emily Sutton vs (9) 107.7 The Franchise

emily sutton weather dong

(1) Emily Sutton

Round 1: Defeated Scott from Scott's Motor Cars

Who she is: You know who she is, don't you? Of course you do, creepy internet guy.

Strengths: Still being able to get ridiculously excited about our daily earthquakes.

emily sutton earthquake

Weaknesses: Bladder control.



(9) 107.7 The Franchise

Round 1: Defeated The Sports Animal

Who they are: Sports radio station featuring all the best Sports Animal rejects

Strengths: They're 100% Eschbach-free.

Weaknesses: The ratings.



(4) Mike Gundy vs (5) David Payne


(4) Mike Gundy

Round 1: Defeated Scott Pruitt

Who he is: 47 (!) year old man

Strengths: Hates Jim Traber



david payne oklahoma

(5) David Payne:

Round 1: Defeated Joe Exotic

Who he is: The guy yelling at you during severe weather who isn't Mike Morgan.

Strengths: His sweetass wardrobe:

david payne shirt

Weaknesses: Lord Gary doesn't like him.



(3) The Ogle Brothers vs. (6) Marijuana

ogle brothers

(3) The Ogle Brothers

Round 1: Defeated The Oklahoma Furries

Who they are: Giant newsreaders

Strengths: Their last name ensures they will work in this town forever

Weaknesses: Inflicted things like "My Two Cents" and "The Rant" on an unsuspecting Oklahoma City.



(6) Marijuana

Round 1: Defeated Josh Cockroft

What it is: Excellent medicinal product, or the cause of most of society's problems, depending on who you ask. Either way, a helluva good time.

Strengths: Do you ever think about, like, just how huge the universe is? You know what I mean, man? Do you ever just stop to marvel at that?

Weaknesses: Drives prohibitionists to say ridiculously silly things like this.



(2) Gary England vs (7) The Blue House

gary england big news 9 commercial

(2) Gary England

Round 1: Defeated Sally Kern

Who He is: Weather deity.

Strengths: Too many to list.

Weaknesses: Somehow has never won Ogle Madness. You have all failed him.


(7) The Blue House

Round 1: Defeated James Lankford

What it is: Location of seriously sketchy but kind of sexy dealings between members of our government.

Strengths: Got the typically dry Journal Record to publish an article called "Sex and Sabatoge."

Weaknesses: Blue is a terrible color for a house.


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