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Ogle Madness VIII: Midwest Region (Upper Bracket)


Hi everyone! After some great matchups yesterday, we move on to the Midwest Region. That's right, the Midwest Region is going up... on a Tuesday. Sorry. Anyway, the rest of this region will go live later this morning, but for now, make a bowl of Jack White's guacamole and be sure to vote on this half of the bracket. The match-ups are:

(1) Kevin Durant vs (16) KFOR Social Media Bandit
(8) Street Outlaws vs (9) Lawton Rappers
(4) Sir John Michael vs (13) The Judicial Branch
(5) Jack White's Guacamole vs (12) Hipster Food Foragers


(1) Kevin Durant vs (16) KFOR Social Media Bandit


(1) Kevin Durant

Who he is: Badass basketball playing man.

Strengths: So good, he makes OU fans forget he played at Texas.

Weaknesses: I'm starting to worry that foot thing is going to be a lingering issue


social media bandit

(16) KFOR Social Media Bandit

Who they are: The Twitter account of your mom's favorite local news station

Strengths: Ability to make even the most banal stories sound interesting in 140 characters.

Weaknesses: You've already read all those stories on Twitter.



(8) Street Outlaws vs (9) Lawton Rappers


(8) Street Outlaws

Who they are: Reality show stars who aren't actually outlaws and often don't drive on streets

Strengths: An... erm "passionate" fan base.

Weaknesses: Actual real professional racers hate it.


lawton white rapper

(9) Lawton Rappers

Who they are: Rappers... from Lawton.

Strengths: "Soon as Knuckles hit the club the whole place was screaming 'Opie!'" -- Greatest brag ever!

Weaknesses: Peaches did the whole Andy Griffith music video thing years ago (NSFW audio!).



(4) Sir John Michael vs (13) The Judicial Branch

Sir John Michael

(4) Sir John Michael

Who he is: King of the school bus.

Strengths: "If life gives you lemons, fuck life" is my new TM mantra.

Weaknesses: Does he have staying power? When was the last time you heard from Sweet Brown?


oklahoma supreme court

(13)The Judicial Branch

Who they are: One-third of our government, but not an equal third if you ask Josh Cockroft.

Strengths: Way less homophobic than the rest of our state government.

Weaknesses: Giving Mary Fallin bragging rights over us.



(5) Jack White's Guacamole vs (12) Hipster Food Foragers

(5) Jack White's Guacamole

What it is: The dip that captivated a nation for that glorious week back in February. Remember those days?

Strengths: Way more interesting than the Sister Hazel pico de gallo controversy of '96.

Weaknesses: The taste


food foraging

(12) Hipster Food Foragers

What it is: The extremely media savvy people behind the restaurant "Nani."

Strengths: They aren't Freegans. And thank god for that, because I thought that's what this was all about at first.

Weaknesses: They're too cool for capitalization. If you capitalize letters, you might as well be liking something unironically.


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