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East Central is having a “BJs in Pjs” party…

Who's ready to hop in the Hummer and head down to Ada?!

Yesterday, a Mole tipped me off to a mysterious event that's taking place on the East Central Oklahoma State University campus this Thursday night. At first glance, it appears to involve a couple of college traditions: underwear and oral sex.

Here's a screenshot from the ECU event calendar:

bjs and pjs

Yep, a good old BJs in PJs party, or as they call it in Valley Brooke, a Friday night. I wonder what the university's rival, Southeastearn Oklahoma State, is going to do to top this? HJs in FJs? DJs in VJs?

Something that sounds so perverse may seem like a strange event to have on a college campus, but hey, they have to get male high school students to enroll at East Central Central somehow.

"And there we have the Stonecipher College of Business..."

"That's really nice. Uhm, when are we going to the BJs in PJs party?"

Where were organized events like this when I was in college? At UCO, BJs in PJs were informal, private events that usually took place after a long night of drinking at Henry Hudson's. Now they have them in student unions. Crazy

For some reason, there is no additional information about the event on the East Central Website, so I opened up the incognito browser and Googled "BJs in PJs" for more details.

Sadly, this is what I found:

ben and jerrys

No fucking way. Really? The BJs stands for "Ben and Jerry's?" That's disappointing. It's like ending a date with a hand job as opposed to... nevermind.

Seriously, who wants to go to a party where a bunch of chubby funsters lounge around in their pajamas eating Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream? Can't you just get stoned and do that in your dorm? At least get the restaurant BJ's to cater the thing. Yeah, they suck too, but it would get alcohol involved.

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