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Surprise! Oklahoma Lawmaker who hates Muslims wants guns allowed in the Capitol…

10:57 AM EST on February 17, 2015

John-Bennett mic

The lilliputian pictured above who is about to go down on a microphone is Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett.

We've written about John a few times on this site because he is a xenophobic, fear-mongering bigot that capitalizes on the irrational, discriminatory fears that a lot of Derplahomans have towards Muslims. Knowing that, you'd probably be surprised to learn that he is obsessed with guns and has introduced a bill that would make it legal to carry them inside the State Capitol, because if there's one thing our political process needs, is armed idiot lawmakers.


Anyone with a license to carry a handgun should be allowed to take the weapon into “the people’s Capitol,” a state legislator said.

“It’s our God-given right and our constitutional right,” said Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, who has filed legislation to allow weapons to be brought into the Capitol.

Uhm, "God-given right?" Listen, I didn't go to vacation Bible school and the only Bible verses I know come from Pulp Fiction, but I really doubt there's a verse in the Bible where Jesus says "And you shall owneth thy firearm?" Does it follow that passage where he preaches from the mountain "You shall all be paranoid weirdos and hateth all American Muslims?"

Bennett’s bill has been assigned to the House Public Safety Committee, but has not been set for a hearing.

A similar bill was approved in the House Judiciary Committee last year, but the proposal did not reach the full House.

Security is tight at the Capitol, with visitors having to go through metal detectors and send bags, cellphones and, at times, even pocket change through an X-ray machine.

I own a gun. There's nothing wrong with responsible people owning guns, but I've never understood the insane fascination people have with them. We get it. Guns are your hobby and owning one is protected by the Constitution, now quit trying to bring them everywhere and force them down our throats. Why do we need to bring them into a heavily secured and safe "people's Capitol?" That's just over the top. Not everyone has a small dick and needs to overcompensate for it. There are some folks who are uncomfortable around a loaded firearm, and maybe they should have the right to go to the "people's Capitol" and feel safe, too.

This legislation is so crazy that even some of Bennett's wacko colleagues thank it's a bad idea...

“I’m a believer in the Second Amendment, but there are several people that have reservations about it,” including the sergeants at arms who guard the House and Senate chambers, said Rep. Mike Christian, R-Oklahoma City, chairman of the public safety panel.

Christian said he wants to hear from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, which provides security for the Capitol and the governor.

Highway patrol spokesman Capt. Paul Timmons declined comment and Alex Weintz, a spokesman for Gov. Mary Fallin, said the office hadn’t reviewed the proposal.

Those who are armed would be allowed through security checkpoints after presenting a valid handgun license. Capitol guards would not be allowed “to remove or inspect any weapon or restrain any person carrying a properly concealed loaded or unloaded handgun without probable cause that a crime has been committed,” according to the measure.

Oh, so only those people with valid handgun licenses would be able to carry a weapon. How's that fair? Why should the government have to regulate something that's our "God-given right?" If one person can bring in a gun, everyone should. Unless, of course, you're a lobbyist. Screw them.

Here' some logical statements on the issue by a couple of people called "Oklahoma Democrats." They're a rare breed of creature that you can sometimes spot pretending to shoot themselves in the head with a finger gun while listening to Republican colleagues debate social issues on the house floor.

Rep. Richard Morsette, D-Oklahoma City, opposed last year’s bill, asking “Why are we doing this? Are you serious?”

He said he hadn’t seen this year’s version.

Rep. Emily Virgin, D-Norman, voted against the bill that passed out of the Judiciary Committee in 2014 and said she will oppose any bill allowing guns inside the building, saying some legislation can incite high emotions and passions.

“It’s just not a good place for people to be carrying firearms,” Virgin said.

“We have security at the Capitol at all times, we have the highway patrol there who always carry firearms,” Virgin said. “I would prefer firearms to be in the hands of professionals, trained law enforcement.”

You know what, it's kind of fun to see Emily Virgin quotes in The Oklahoman. I always imagine her looking off into the distance, firmly holding her glasses, while trying to make her point...


Anyway, with solid bipartisan support – yeah right, like that matters – I really don't see this bill becoming law. But then again, the Derp is strong in this state. You never know what may happen.

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