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Great, now lawmakers want to get rid of AP classes…

The jig is up, smart kids. We're about to level the playing field.

Yesterday, the Tulsa World reported that the libertarian, anti-Common Core crazies have found a new enemy in their crusade to destroy education in Oklahoma. They're targeting those smart, ambitious, hardworking, kids who are enrolled in advanced placement classes.

Janet Barresi would be proud.

From The Tulsa World:

Some opponents of Common Core apparently have now turned their guns on Advanced Placement courses.

The legality of teaching Advanced Placement courses in Oklahoma public schools was raised Monday during a House Common Education Committee hearing on a bill aimed at the AP U.S. history guidelines.

That measure, House Bill 1380, by Rep. Dan Fisher, R-Yukon, would direct the state Board of Education to review those guidelines and bar the use of state funds for AP U.S. history courses.

During discussion and debate, however, it was suggested that AP courses are similar to Common Core, in that they could be construed as an attempt to impose a national curriculum on American schools.

Haha! How's it feel nerds?! Screw earning a college credit while in high school. Now you're going to have to take regular history classes taught by football coaches and be unprepared for college like the rest of us. It's not so bad. You get to watch a lot of movies, and there's still a chance you may make the Community College Hall of Fame some day.

Obviously, this bill is for the nut job crazy crowd. If you need proof, remember that it's authored by Dan Fisher. Also known as the man who puts the "puke on" in Yukon, Fisher travels around the country as 19th century God-fearing minister who aims "to help return America to its faith."

Here's a pic of him in full regalia:

dan fisher

Yeah, remember him? He's the founding member of the conservative cosplay club "Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment." The main goal of the group is to bring America back to its glorious Christian roots and 19th century principles – a joyous period in our nation's history when white Christian male landowners had all the power, women couldn't vote, and slavery, conveniently backed by words in the Bible, was justifiable and legal. I can't wait to get back to those days.

Check out this paragraph about the club. When you do, please remember that Fisher is an elected official who serves on the House's Common Education Committee, and have a say in what's taught in history classes:

In the past few years, Dan has traveled the country presenting the messages “Seven Lies We’re Being Told About America” and “Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment”.   “Seven Lies” is a presentation that addresses the attacks being launched against America’s Christian heritage by the “politically correct” progressives.  It proves beyond a “shadow of a doubt” that Christians founded America – not atheists and deists, and that the Founders wanted a country where Christianity would have a strong impact – not a country where faith and government would be divided by a “strict separation of church and state”...

Dan believes that American is facing a crisis today much the same as the one faced by the country in 1776.  He says it is time for the preachers of America to respond to God’s call and fully engage in the culture war that is destroying our liberties and will eventually, if not checked, steal away our religious liberty and our opportunity to freely preach the Gospel.

Yeah, what a great movement. When I think or persecuted groups in this country that don't have any power or representation, conservative white Christians are the first people to come to mind. They're story must be told.


You can check out more about this ridiculous piece of legislation over at The World. You'd think the legislature would be smart enough to leave this stuff alone, but then again, it doesn't take an AP student to know that most members of the Oklahoma legislature are incompetent, theocratic idiots. Anything is possible.

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