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Year in Review 2014: November

12:00 PM EST on December 31, 2014

Christopher Nolan loosed "Interstellar" on North America at the beginning of November. From what I can tell by the trailer it's a movie about that guy from those Lincoln commercials trading in his shitty SUV for a rocket-ship.

Finally, here were the best TLO articles from November 2014:


5. 10 Oklahoman Reporters, Now and Then

Published: 11/24/2014

What We Said: According to sources, Boomer Tramel didn’t smoke a lot of pot in college. He’s just one of those guys who permanently looks, acts, thinks, and speaks like he just rolled a joint in a gas station bathroom.

What We Learned: "Time may change me, but I can't change time"- David Bowie.

Best Comment: "Got held up reading when Nolan Clay’s hair animal barked at me." - Not Thunder


4. Here are some more awesome retro OKC TV commercials

Published: 10/13/2014

What We Said: For all you youngsters out there, now you see why so many people associate the Mathis Brothers with gerbils, swingers and cocaine.

What We Learned: Nobody goes as low as Joe. Nobody.

Best Comment: "Gary England said nekkid! Heart.Melted." - Brittany



3. Some asshole doesn't know where to park his Lamborghini

Published: 11/4/2014

What We Said: If I drove a Lamborghini, I’d probably be a douche bag too and park in the handicap spot! The only difference is I’d shell out enough to buy a blackmarket sticker. If your car is so nice that a photo of it can appear on a Trapper Keeper folder or on the wall of 12-year-old boy’s bedroom, you can afford it.

What We Learned: Anyone who drive a Lamborghini and parks in handicapped spots probably is mentally deficient in some way.

Best Comment: "Looks like the mark-up on used cars is a little high." - Old Guy Dave


2. Here's audio of Regular Jim Traber's radio fight with Matt Pinto

Published: 11/4/2014

What We Said: Sure, that was uncalled for and unprofessional, but Matt Pinto is my new hero. Can we get Mayor Cornett to make tomorrow “Thunder Moneyball Day” across Oklahoma City. That would be awesome.

What We Learned: A man can only stand so much Traber before he snaps.

Best Comment: "Is it too late for a write in candidacy for Pinto?" - Shane Smith


1. This music video by a white rapper from Lawton is a thing of beauty

Published: 11/13/2014

What We Said: A while back, Spencer and I stumbled across a music video by some white Lawton rapper named “Knuckles.” His name is apparently inspired by the things people bite when they hear his music.

What We Learned: Maybe this will be the thing that finally keeps people away from Lawton.

Best Comment: "The only thing missing was dip in the girls’ mouths." - Al


That does it for the year in review. As we say good riddance to 2014 and usher in the new year we can now look back and reflect on how foolish we all are. And don't be sad, if the current rate of social de-evolution can tell us anything, it's that 2015 will only be way dumber!

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