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2014 Year in Review: September

11:12 AM EST on December 30, 2014

As in August, America lost a funny person in September. RIP Joan Rivers. Obviously, everyone knows that celebrity deaths happen in threes-- so who died in October? You'll have to keep reading these year in review posts to find out!

But before we get there, why not stay a while and look back on the most popular TLO articles from September 2014 with us:


5. State Rep John Bennett is a racist, Islamophobic, derplahoman tool head

Published: 9/4/2014

What We Said: Yes, if someone is a Muslim they subscribe to the Koran and want to kill all non-Muslims, you know, just like how all Christians like John Bennett who subscribe to the Bible want to kill all non-believers, women who are not virgins on their wedding night and blasphemers. That’s how it works, right?

What We Learned: Not all Oklahomans are racist shitbags, they're just the only ones who vote, apparently.

Best Comment: "I’m a Muslim and i confess i’ve managed to infiltrate TLO trivia night’s Magic Johnson’s Immune System. Clearly, all i want to do is strike fear into non-Muslims by drinking copious amounts of F5 and correctly answering all your science related doctor questions. I’m pretty sure one of the sharia law tenets reads “no cell phones allowed.”- MJIS



4. TLO's take on the Joe Mixon Tape

Published: 9/5/2014

What We Said: One of the people who brings napkins and ice to Molitor (a very hurt Molitor) has sunglasses on her head. Because it’s 2:40 am and you gotta be ready for a sneak attack sunrise.

What We Learned: Nothing good ever happens on Campus Corner at 2:30 a.m.

Best Comment: "Any chance OU could get Beldar Conehead as a replacement?" - Wachund



3. You're not the only one who thinks Norman water tastes disgusting

Published: 9/22/2014

What We Said:  If you want to play a prank on a drought-suffering farmer in Southwestern Oklahoma, give him a call and say you’re going to build a pipeline connecting his farm to Norman’s water supply. Before you hang up, he’ll blame Obama and cuss you out like you blocked in his truck at an OU game. It really is that awful.

What We Learned: "Liquid dirt" is only slightly worse that how Norman water usually tastes.

Best Comments: "mmm, you can really taste the chromium 6." - Crimson Edgar



2. This may be the strangest groundbreaking photo of all time

Published: 9/4/2014

What We Said: From here on out, I say every groundbreaking or ribbon cutting should feature a cardboard cutout of a dead person.

What We Learned: Maybe Jesus will come back as cardboard, too.

Best Comment: "That man in the middle is wearing a Klan robe! RUN!" - Dim-Bob


1. Mike Morgan apologized for his "insensitive" remark about Muslim prayer

Published: 9/19/2014

What We Said: Seriously, did Mike Morgan forget where he lives? After the gaffe, the KFOR phone lines were flooded by irate parents and church leaders who couldn’t believe Mike Morgan just suggested that Oklahoma children participate in Muslim prayers during tornado safety drills.

What We Learned: Stick to the weather, Morgan, observational humor is not your strong suit.

Best Comment: "Mike Morgan should be suspended for half a broadcast."  - Al

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