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2014 Year in Review: August

10:08 AM EST on December 30, 2014

The death of Robin Williams dominated the news in August, and really bummed everyone out. So far living in a post-Robin Williams world has been horrible-- epidemics, terrorist threats from North Korea, and NBC's live Peter Pan event...


Shivers still shoot down my spine at the memory of it. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night screaming "NEVER GROW UP! NEVER GROW UP!"

Anyway, here's what was happening on TLO in August:


5. This teacher forgot to wear her pants

Published: 8/6/2014

What We Said: Even though school wasn’t in session, you still have to feel sorry for the kids in Wagoner. Now they’re going to have nightmares about their teachers showing up to school naked. That’s awful.

What We Learned: All about female anatomy.

Best Comment: "Looks like Honey Boo Boo is all grown up" - Dim-Bob



4. Jim Gardner has been suspended from News 9

Published: 8/26/2014

What We Said: Poor Jim Gardner. I guess he didn’t know the only people allowed to race at Oklahoma airports are the guys from Street Outlaws. I hope he wore his lady helmet.

What We Learned: Whenever TLO eventually saves up enough to get our own weather chopper, we're hiring Jim Gardner.

Best Comment: "Gary England will raise his hand say a few 'Lorettas' and a couple of 'jump backs' and all will be forgiven" - JJ



3. You may want to pass on the chicken at this Norman restaurant

Published: 8/25/2014

What We Said: First of all, I’m pretty sure that’s the same way Applebee’s makes their riblets. Second, that’s the reason you never make important plans after eating Thai food.

What We Learned: This story is a hoax, I had the chicken at this place last week and all I got was severe diarrhea for three days.

Best Comment:  "White people be terrified of traditional food preparation" - Thunderupper



2. 18 Racist Derplahoman Facebook Comments About The OKC Zoo's New Baby Gorilla

Published: 8/19/2014

What We Said: Unfortunately, the baby’s mom decided to take advantage of our state’s “Safe Haven” laws and abandoned her child.

What We Learned: The irony is that this baby gorilla is probably  already smarter than racist derplahomans could ever hope to be.

Best Comment:  I’m more offended by how uncreative the racist comments are. Oprah, Obama, yeah that’s fresh. - Claude



1. David Stanley was fined $350,000 for misleading, deceptive advertising

Published: 8/19/2014

What We Said: Whenever I watch a David Stanley commercial, I kind of want hang out with the ghost of Lynn Hickey in a van atop a crane and cry like a girl. If that sounds strange, it’s sure beats the alternative of smashing up my TV like it’s a car at The Key.

What We Learned: The ad that the above still came from is obviously deceptive-- there aren't cowboys in Oklahoma anymore.

Best Comment: "OKC media won’t report it because David Stanley advertises with them and it doesn’t involve a puppy."- Ann

Up next in the 2014 wrap up: September!

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