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2014 Year in Review: May

9:43 AM EST on December 29, 2014

In May Michael Jackson came back from the dead for a performance at the Billboard Music Awards. I don't know if I'm okay with this. Should we be allowed to play God in the name of pop music? When the holograms of all the dead celebrities band together to enslave the human race, we'll realize what we hath wrought.

While the seeds for humanity's destruction were being planted-- here's what rocked the boat on TLO:


5. OMG!!! Justin Bieber pretended to be an Oklahoman at last night's Thunder game

Published: 5/14/2014

What We Said: In addition to wearing a Thunder hat, camo, and bringing his own evangelical pastor, Bieber took his “when in Rome” mentality even farther when he decided to leave the game early like lots of other fair weather Thunder fans...

What We Learned: We got through Lil Wayne in '12, devastating tornado in '13, Bieber in '14-- this state can overcome anything.

Best Comment: "Hey Bieber, stay the fuck out of Oklahoma."- Bubba



4. What exactly is wrong with Wayne Coyne?

Published: 5/13/14

What We Said: Yep, Wayne Coyne accused someone of being an abusive, pathological liar that will do anything for attention. Sound familiar, Miley Cyrus and Kesha? That’s like a rainbow pot calling a confetti kettle colorful.

What We Learned: The struggle (to desperately cling to relevance) is real.

Best Comment: "Who is Wayne Coyne? Never heard of her." - Soothsayer



3. Yukon High School has a cool yearbook

Published: 5/13/2014

What We Said: Yep, nothing to see here, just some teenage leg fat. Move along.

What We Learned: We can't stop saying "Teenage leg fat."

Best Comment: "Isn’t there a song called teenage leg fat?" - Blake



2. This Oklahoma lawmaker used the N-word on Facebook

Published: 5/1/2014

What We Said: I bet a lot of you are going to say this isn’t a big deal and that free speech is dead. It’s not like he told his Facebook friends to no longer hang out with Magic Johnson or something.

What We Learned: Please tell us more about the proper use of the N-Word, white republican lawmaker from Oklahoma.

Best Comment: "The only reason this post is worth reading is to show how old people use Facebook in stupid ways." - Bill Brasky



1. Hobby Lobby folks tried to sneak through the Mustang bible curriculum 

Published: 5/22/2014

What We Said: It looks like love, laughter and friends are only welcome when they’re spending money at your chain of arts and crafts stores.

What We Learned: Did you know Jesus was a Jew?

Best Comment: "THINK OF THE CHILDREN….in China making all of Hobby Lobby’s merchandise." - Katy

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