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2014 Year in Review: April

1:52 PM EST on December 23, 2014

Blake Sheldon co-hosted the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in April 2014, and fellow Okie Miranda Lambert won Best Female Vocalist. I've always felt Country Music would have more of a Community College, rather than an Academy—but I guess its sort of like when an online college calls itself a “University.”

Meanwhile, here’s what was happening on TLO for the month of April:


5. Christina Fallin threw up on “Oklahoma Fashion Week”

Published: 4/15/2014

What We Said: Apparently the theme to this year’s Oklahoma Fashion Week was either “The Devil Wears This Shit” or “Ugly Clothing That Doesn’t Fit Models Very Well.” Seriously, that’s some of the most ridiculous clothing I’ve ever seen. It looks like Lady Gaga got drunk and fucked Knight Rider.

What We Learned: A legit Oklahoma fashion week would probably feature a lot more Tapout shirts, crocs, and muffin-tops.

Best Comment: “I thought the State Fair WAS Oklahoma Fashion Week?” - Rob in ok:



4. Dean Blevins invented the “CunInHandy2Nite” hashtag

Published: 4/16/2014

What We Said: Realizing that he created a hashtag that’s a better fit for an Al Eschbach vacation than sports and beer commentary, Dean eventually deleted the tweet.

What We Learned: Dean Blevins would eventually remove himself from Twitter.

Best Comment: “After seeing that he deleted it, it’s unfortunate that I guess he wasn’t able to keep “it” up long…” - TIMMO



3. 15 Dumbest Photos from the Oklahoma Education Rally

Published: 4/1/2014

What We Said: Actually, kids are probably more important than potholes, but they’re not more important than fixing potholes. If you gave me the choice between fixing potholes or educating kids, I’d chose teaching kids how to fix potholes.

What We Learned: We learned something, but it probably wasn't as much as people who went to school in literally any other state.

Best Comment: "School is for fools!" - Blake



2. This Blogger from Ada is tired of pale white girl discrimination

Published: 4/4/2014

What We Said: Yes, being white is not nearly as cool as country music makes it sound. All the white stereotypes you hear about – Whole Foods, NASCAR, higher wages – are totally overrated.

What We Learned: Don’t even talk to me about race until you’ve walked a mile in the shoes of a white person from Oklahoma.

Best Comment: “Her whiteness hurts my eyes.” - Hobo Joe



1. The "Oklahoma Seceding if Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos is Not Cancelled" story is total B.S.

Published: 4/15/2014

What We Said: "I think I’m going to start incorporating fake Rasmussen polls into our posts. According to a Rasmussen poll, 87% of the people who thought Oklahomans really threatened to secede over a TV show are idiots."

What We Learned: A lot about the universe and black holes and stuff.

Best Comment: "So we aren’t secdeeing??" - Merle

That does it for April, be sure to tune in a few days for a TLO retrospective at May.

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