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The Journal Record and OETA are Good Parners

12:57 PM EST on December 22, 2014

I should probably begin this post with the TLO typo disclaimer. It's the thing where we acknowledge that we're hypocrites for making fun of other news organizations typos or brain farts.

You see, typos are a way of life here at The Lost Ogle. They happen all the time. You know it, I know it, and Facebook commenters really know it. However, since 75% of the content on this site was written (or edited) in some state of inebriation, I really don't feel guilty or embarrassed by them. If the worst thing that happens while you're drunk or stoned is a misspelled word, you're doing fine, Oklahoma.

I bring all this up because The Journal Record published an ad in their newspaper last week that bragged about their partnership with OETA, and how it leads to quality journalism for the state of Oklahoma.

At least that's what I think they were trying to say. This unfortunate typo kind of ruined the message:

quality journalism

Yes, please tell me more about quality journalism... parner!

Actually, I see how a typo like this could happen. I bet the people who were responsible for proofing the paper were so distracted by the ad concept that they didn't even the notice the glaring misspelled word. Seriously, what's more embarrassing? Letting that typo slip by or approving the ad? Hey, we're partners in quality journalism... so let's have a magician make our news editors levitate in mid-air a few inches above his hand?

Anyway, I played the role of satirical journalist and asked The Journal Record editor Ted Streuli to comment on the situation. For some reason, he blamed the entire thing on Jerry Shotenkirk. That was weird, because it totally conflicted with Dick Prior's account. He said it was BJ Wexler's fault. Honestly, I don't believe either of them. They should have just followed our lead and blamed drugs. People appreciate honesty in quality journalism.

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