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2014 Year in Review: January

8:00 AM EST on December 22, 2014

(Editor's Note: Our 2014 Year in Review begins this week. It's something kind of fun and sad to do at the end of the year when nobody is at work wasting time on the Internet. It will be handled by New Tony.)

“Let It Go” is such an ironic title in retrospect, considered America still couldn’t let this song just die. Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack was the most popular album for the first 13 weeks of 2014. The worst part about it wasn’t the song—which is alright the first 50 or so times your hear it—but the endless YouTube videos of people singing and dancing to “Let It Go” while they drive. You’re an adult, stop. Also, I hope you rear end a car and have to explain to your insurance company your were lip-synching a song from a movie made for six-year-olds.

Over the next few days we’ll be taking a look back at some of the more popular and notable TLO posts from 2014, because nostalgia is cheap and everyone else is doing it. Here are the most popular TLO articles from January 2014:


5. Stereotypes About your City: Norman

Published: 1/8/2014

What We Said: "From the second weekend in May until about the third week in August, Norman actually doesn’t exist. If there aren’t tens of thousands of students crowding the town, there’s no reason for anyone else to be there either. This is most likely where we get the saying “If a drunken twenty-something passes out on Main Street, and it’s summer in Norman, does a cop even care?”

What we Learned: No, because the drunken twenty-something is both there and not there at the same time. Schrodinger’s drunk.

Best Comment: “When I was at OU the OU Daily ran a story over Norman and their liberal “weed laws”. I took a copy of the paper home, called my buddies over, and promptly [sic] ordered some Pizza Shuttle. As we knew it would be needed by the time it arrived.” - Rusty Shackelford:

kendrick perkins darnell mayberry

4. Kendrick Perkins Called Out Darnell Mayberry On Twitter

Published: 1/10/2014

What We Said: “Perkins is the heart of the team, a great post defender, excellent at a setting screens and any other cliché that you would use to describe the worst player on a basketball team.”

What We Learned: People don’t like it when you question OU’s social media strategy in an article about a Thunder player calling out a journalist.

Best Comment: “Kendrick didn’t really type that, he was trying to type a tweet,
but fumbled his phone,
then tripped trying to pick it up,
tried to jump over it,
but couldn’t get enough air,
so all this led to a mistake, however; he was providing great effort and leadership while making it.” – CAP1015

aaron tuttle strong 2

3. Some Nutty Facebook Weatherman Troll Does Not Like Aaron Tuttle

Published: 1/9/2014

What We Said: “Yep, Aaron Tuttle is warning his viewers about a nut job weatherman on Facebook. At first glance, that may seem a little hypocritical. It would be like me telling our Facebook fans to watch out for a guy who’s a little too obsessed with Emily Sutton.”

What We Learned: It’s hilarious when two nut jobs go at each other.

Best Comment: “Weatherspace dude is just jealous because he doesn’t have Aaron’s man nipples.” Amberokie:


2. Ride ‘Em Cowboys! About the OSU student who went on a date with Lisa Ann

Published: 1/23/2014

What We Said: It’s a good thing Matt went to OSU, Lisa Ann likes to get Poke’d, but probably doesn’t want her man to finish Sooner.

What We Learned: OU people sarcastically calling OSU “Classy” is the most overused insult of 2014.

Best Comment: “Not only is it not that clever, it doesn’t make sense. Why would she have any more holes to fill than any other girl? Is she anatomically different?” - Steve Keaton

Jason Turner Facebook Oklahoma Marriage Equality

1. Derplahoman comments about marriage equality from KFOR’s Facebook wall.

Published: 1/16/2014

What We Said: Yes, a judge named Kern is the person who struck down Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage. As I mentioned on Tuesday, you win, cosmic forces of irony that control the universe. First you name the most powerful family in the state “Gaylord,” and now this.

What We Learned: Nothing, this was totally expected.

Best Comment: “Why did God place the male G spot up the butt if we can’t do butt stuff? Why derps why?” – Fredo


We'll be back with the best shots from February later today.

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