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The Redhawks are not changing their name back to the 89ers…

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The secret is out.

Yesterday, it was leaked that the new owners of the Oklahoma City RedHawks have no clue, and don't enjoy making easy, simple, smart decisions or catering to nostalgic assholes over the age of 30 that have fond memories of getting tackled and dog piled while chasing a foul ball on a hill.

According to various media reports, the team is changing its name from the RedHawks to the Dodgers. Yes, the Dodgers. Not the 89ers. The Dodgers... as in the Los Angeles baseball team that literally nobody in Oklahoma outside of Matt Kemp's family cares about. WTF?


Oklahoma City’s new baseball team will be called the Dodgers.

Bill Shaikin, the Los Angeles Times national baseball writer, confirmed the new nickname Tuesday night on Twitter.

Oklahoma City’s new nickname will be officially unveiled when the RedHawks host “Dodger Day” during the lunch hour Wednesday at the Mickey Mantle plaza in front of Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

Three months ago, Los Angeles Dodgers minority owner Peter Guber, who also owns the Golden State Warriors, purchased Oklahoma City’s Triple-A baseball franchise from Mandalay Baseball Properties.

At the Sept. 17 press conference, Guber confirmed The Oklahoman’s original story that the Dodgers were moving their Triple-A affiliate from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City.

Guber said three months ago a nickname change was likely since RedHawks didn’t fit the “Dodger Blue” image that dates back to when the franchise originally was located in Brooklyn.

At Wednesday’s event, scheduled from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., fans can purchase souvenirs like hats and T-shirts that will feature the team’s new logo and nickname inside the team store.

God, this is depressing. It makes me want to eat ice cream out of a plastic baseball hat cup and then bury my face in the bosom of a Diamond Girl and cry. Upon hearing the news, I bet Abner 89er had a stroke and Robo Niner blew a fuse. I miss those guys...

abner 89er

Seriously, what a blown opportunity. The worst thing to happen to professional baseball in Oklahoma City was changing the 89ers name to the Redhawks. Instead of righting that wrong, the new ownership group went out and made it worse. If they changed the name back to the 89ers, we'd probably hold a parade for the team and dance in the streets of Bricktown like Mayor Mick did in the 1980s:

Anyway, I would suggest that we all boycott the Oklahoma City Dodgers – it hurts my fingers to even type that – until they do the right thing and change the name back to the 89ers, but considering our city already virtually boycotts minor league baseball, I doubt they'll even notice. I guess we'll just have to deal with it and not care about the team just like we always do.

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