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Samaje Perine got the Taiwanese Animators treatment…

10:49 AM EST on November 25, 2014

If Saturday left any doubts, Samaje Perine has officially made it.

Yesterday, the Taiwanese Animators released a video recapping the OU running back's record-setting day in Gaylord Oklahoma Memorial, or as OSU fans like to call it, The Big Gay.

The video is amazingly accurate in its storytelling. It shows stereotypical rain-soaked OU fans enjoying the game...

perine animation 2

Sterling Shepard using a toy he bought from Patricia's (or the Hustler Store) to massage his groin...

perine animation 4

And KU defenders showcasing their tackling skills...

perine animation 3

Check out the entire video after the jump. You'll probably want to watch it three or four times like I just did...

That's awesome! I'm still blown away by the accuracy of the video. Sure, they may have screwed up by showing OU fans enjoying some beer and a full stadium, but they're from Taiwan so that's okay. Other than that, it was brilliant. The only thing it's missing is Mike Stoops burning a timeout and Cody Thomas throwing a pass to the ground.

It's kind of weird how OU football works. Optimus Perine's (sorry, I'm a sheep and will use the nickname) record and this video almost makes this depressing shit show of a season kind of worth it. I wonder how much it would cost to get the Taiwanese Animators to pack up shop, move to Oklahoma and exclusively cover our local news events? We definitely have enough material. Would you rather watch them produce a news story or some intern with Channel 4? At least the Taiwanese Animators are trying to make you laugh.

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