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10 Oklahoman Reporters, Now and Then…

grumpy cat
grumpy cat

The buzzfeedification of is not slowing down.

Over the weekend, the website published a list of "10 Famous Oklahomans, Then and Now." Just like other recent clickbait attempts, such as the sappy "5 Things Only Oklahomans Would Understand" and incredibly boring "10 Facts About Oklahoma You Might Not Have Known," the article has been plastered all over and has received 40,000 views in the last 24 hours.

Since we also want to get a lot of page views, we decided to come up with a list of "10 Oklahoma Reporters, Now and Then." It's LOL adorable.

The post is part of our renewed commitment to ridicule and mock the The Oklahoman whenever possible. I think we're going to do something like this as a response to all their awful clickbait, so next week when you see a post on here titled "10 Oklahoma Country Musicians Who Don't Look Like Cats" or "You Won't Believe What Happens When This Dog Reads a Jenni Carlson Column," you'll understand why.

Anyway, to the post. Here are 10 Oklahoman Reporters, Now and Then...

berry tramel before and after

10. Boomer (Berry) Tramel

According to sources, Boomer Tramel didn't smoke a lot of pot in college. He's just one of those guys who permanently looks, acts, thinks, and speaks like he just rolled a joint in a gas station bathroom.


brianna bailey

9. Brianna Bailey

Before she ripped off our story ideas, Brianna Bailey was rolling joints in gas station bathrooms and speaking to them in some weird language called Fugazi.


steve lackmeyer 1

8. Steve Lackmeyer

The only thing that Steve Lackmeyer loves more than tall buildings, Hobbie's Hoagies and arguing with people on Twitter is bringing up the little known fact that he had a brief appearance in the wonderful "Don't Lay That Trash On Oklahoma" commercial.


heather warlick

7. Heather Warlick

If we were to list the 5 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Print News Media, I'd say that Heather would make the top 3. She's also quite an accomplished actress, as you can see from her resume that we found online:

heather warlick acting

First of all, Heather was a stand-in and stunt double for Jami Gertz in Twister. She was the actress who played the role of annoying stereotypical Oklahoman.

Heather was also in a band called "Dave and the Wavetones." I bet that's Dave Morris's house band that people who are on a budget hire for weddings that they know will probably end in a divorce.

Speaking of Dave Morris...


dave morris

6. Dave Morris

He hasn't aged much over the years. Staring in a mirror all day will do that to some people.


nolan clay

5. Nolan Clay

You know how some girls have bitch face? Well, Nolan Clay is a member of the "Always Look Like I'm Taking A Dump" face club.

And not only is he a member, but he's the president.


silas allen

4. Silas Allen

Silas is a "Breaking News" and "General Assignment" reporter for The Oklahoman. Over the past few years, he's lost weight, his sideburns and his vision. Next up on the list? His virginity.


helen ford wallace beforeafter

3. Helen Ford Wallace

Helen Ford Wallace has covered the society beat for The Oklahoman since she was a flapper in the roaring twenties. She's seen more Gaylords get married and have babies than a bouncer at The Boom.


mike baldwin copy


2. Mike Baldwin

I don't know about you, but I miss old Beat Baldwin. I heard he ran away and had digitial babies with Wendy from Wimgo.


jenni carlson

1. Jenni Carlson

Unfortunately, we still can't sell our Old Jenni Carlson T-Shirt coffee mugs. In fact, I expect a cease and desist from The Oklahoman any minute.


Anyway, that's it for the post. If you want, don't forget to take our "Which Oklahoman Reporter Are You?" quiz.

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