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Some asshole doesn’t know where to park his Lamborghini…

Word to the wise: if you're going to park your ridiculously expensive Italian sports car in a disabled parking spot, make sure you don't have a personalized tag.

Some guy named Ben G is learning this lesson the hard way. Check out this pic that a Mole emailed to us:

yellow Lamborghini okc

First of all, Ben drives a Lamborghini and he's grabbing lunch at Mimi's Cafe. Uhm... okay? Was Applebee's too busy or something? Either Ben G is behind on his car payment, or the only thing worse than his taste in parking spots is his choice in restaurants.

Of course, I don't want to criticize Ben G too much. If I drove a Lamborghini, I'd probably be a douche bag too and park in the handicap spot!.The only difference is I'd shell out enough to buy a blackmarket sticker. If your car is so nice that a photo of it can appear on a Trapper Keeper folder or on the wall of 12-year-old boy's bedroom, you can afford it.

Anyway, you're probably wondering who is this Ben G character? Does he own an energy company? Is he a doctor? Did he create the Benji: The Hunted film franchise? I think we have your answer:

yellow Lamborghini okc 2

Oh, so Ben G is the owner of Ben's Auto Sales – Warr Acres finest spot to buy, uhm, sports and imports? Who knew.

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