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Here’s audio of Regular Jim Traber’s radio fight with Matt Pinto…

pinto traber

Matt Pinto had enough....

In case you missed it, Regular Jim Traber and Thunder radio play-by-play guy Matt Pinto got into a little spat last night during the always awkward Thunder pre-game show on The Sports Animal.

The whole thing was weird and random. I guess they were talking about whether the injury depleted Thunder were going to sign an extra player to the roster or something, and then Traber asked Pinto his thoughts on the matter.

I'm not sure if the years of working with the most annoying radio person in the world finally took their toll, or maybe Matt Pinto just lost a dare to James Hale, but Pinto snapped and said:

"I can't imagine I would have anything to offer of value to you, Jim. You have all the answers, which amazes me, because you're never at practice and never talking to players or coaches as far as I can tell."

At that point, Jim flipped out, took off his headset, and left the show.

In an effort to look like a victim, Traber replayed the tiff on today's Afternoon Sports Beat. I recorded it live on the air. Check it out, and when you do, please ignore the incoming call that hit my MAC right as I was recording the damn thing. Technology is nice, but it can also be annoying.

Sure, that was uncalled for and unprofessional, but Matt Pinto is my new hero. Can we get Mayor Cornett to make tomorrow "Thunder Moneyball Day" across Oklahoma City. That would be awesome.

Seriously, Regular Jim Traber is such an hypocritical wuss. Kevin Durant would call him a "Fake tough guy." He talks big and everything, but when somebody calls him out he simply takes his colon bag and goes home. What a yardbird. I don't think Bob Knight would take it from Matt Pinto like that. Cal Ripken and Bo Van Pelt would be so ashamed.

Instead of running away and hiding like a liberal pansy, Jim should have fought back and went after Pinto like he was a Japanese pitcher. I would have said something like...

"Matt, just take Sam Presti's dick out of your mouth and tell us what they're going to do?"


"Did Steve Nash tell you to say that?"


"Oh yeah, well the Jerk Store called and they're running out of you."

Anyway, the big question here is what's going to happen to Pinto and Traber, and how this will affect the Thunder and Sports Animals awkward working arrangement going forward. From what I'm hearing, the Sports Animal is strongly supporting Jim in this fiasco, and that Pinto will no longer appear on the pre-game show.

Long term, I'm not sure what the Thunder Ministry of Propaganda will think about that. When you consider that...

A) Jim Traber knows nothing about basketball

B) The Thunder Ministry of Propaganda likes to control the message, and

C) The Thunder means more to the Sports Animal than the Sports Animal means to the Thunder.

Well, I would expect things to change.

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