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Aaron Tuttle was a spray tan model for Halloween…

I think we know who Marla Morgan is going to hire the next time her husband needs a weather helper.

Over the weekend, Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle shared a Halloween costume pic on his Facebook page. It's of him and his girlfriend(?) before they ruined someone's costume party.

Fortunately, he wasn't crying:

aaron tuttle halloween

Yes, Aaron Tuttle and his girlfriend She-Ra went out as a couple of spray tan models for Halloween. I guess that's cool, although Aaron is violating a couple of man rules, including...

1. Never dress up like a douche bag for Halloween. It's a holiday for girls to dress slutty, not for you to get free admission to the COPA.

2. Never date a girl who can put you to sleep with a full nelson. Or beat you at Mercy.

In addition to posting the blatant "LOOK AT HOW AWESOME I LOOK!" photo, Aaron left the following rambling, self-congratulatory, promotional note:

You're never too old to dress up for Halloween! Melissa and I are both 41 and feel like kids! We even thought about trick-or-treating, lol! We didn't win the costume contest last night but we did come very close! 

First of all, kuddos to whoever judged the Halloween costume contest. The last thing we need is to encourage this sort of costume douchebaggery.

That being said, why did you let Aaron believe that he "nearly won the contest?" Sure, it may be the nice thing to do for someone who tried so hard, but now you're going to have to deal with Aaron and She-Ra coming to next year's party as The Hulk and Hulkette.

Here's the rest of his note:

On a side note, we've been thinking about having a paid subscription link on my website that will be filled with fitness and diet tips to get anyone at any age back in shape. These are exercises that you can do from home. Melissa is an IFBB Figure Pro and I've been a fitness guy for the better part of 20 years. Slipped a few times, but who doesn't when life happens! I'm currently in the best shape of my life and I know what it's like to work hard to get it all back. If this is something that would interest you, let me know and leave a comment below. Thanks! -AT

Yes, "AT" is going to provide a "paid subscription" service on his website that will be "filled with fitness and dieting tips." I'm sure that will be a great success. If there's one thing the Internet needs, it's more articles on fitness and dieting. I think there are only five or six million of them out there right now, but they are free and easy to find, and who wants to deal with that when you can pay to read articles written by a Facebook weatherman who doesn't believe in global warming and dresses up like a spray tan model for Halloween.

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