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20 Insane Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts by Derplahomans…

3:33 PM EDT on September 30, 2014

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If you enjoy living in a constant state of irrational fear, hate most things that are different from you, and believe 100% in guilt by association, it's a great time to live in Oklahoma. You'll be accepted with open arms. Well, unless you're a Muslim or a terrorist. Based on what I've been hearing and reading in the local media, I think they are the same thing.

In a response to last week's sickening and widely publicized knife attack at Vaughn's Foods – and one man's really poor attempt at humor – a group of eight Christian legislators known as the "Counter Terrorism Caucus" decided to capitalize on the anti-Muslim hysteria gripping our state to inform us that one psycho's random act of workplace violence was obviously not an isolated event and is part of some vast Muslim conspiracy to kill Jesus loving Americans...

Or something like that.


Citing Thursday’s beheading of a Vaughan Foods worker in Moore, eight Oklahoma state representatives issued a joint statement Monday calling for a “public discussion about potential terrorists in our midst and the role that Sharia law plays in their actions.”

“The Feds say this is workplace violence, but people know that’s not true,” the eight House members said of Thursday’s incident in which Alton Nolen, 30, is suspected of beheading Vaughan Foods employee Colleen Hufford, 54, shortly after Nolen was fired.

“Unfortunately, jihadism is no longer confined to foreign soil. We must be alert to it here and take steps to counter the doctrine, institutions and organizations that foster it.”

The statement was issued by a group of state House members who identified themselves as the Counterterrorism Caucus.

Listed as signing off on the statement were Republican state Reps. John Bennett of Sallisaw, Sean Roberts of Hominy, Lewis Moore of Arcadia, Dan Fisher of El Reno, Mike Ritze of Broken Arrow, and Sally Kern, Mike Christian and Mike Reynolds, all of Oklahoma City.

First of all, Sally Kern is slipping. She's a member of the counter terrorism caucus, but the group doesn't mention gays and homosexuals one time in their press release. Gays are a bigger threat to society than the jihadists, right? Actually, jihadists and Sally Kern probably share similar views on gays and homosexuals. That's probably why it was omitted.

Anyway, I don't really buy all the fear and hate directed towards Muslims. Unfortunately, this is because I'm somewhat of a logical and reasonable human being. Am I aware that there are Muslim extremists living throughout the world that are hell bent on killing people? Yes. Could there be some extremists living in the US plotting attacks? Double sure. Does that mean we should live in a constant state of fear and worry that all Muslims are out to get us? Hell YES. Down with Islam!!! My Country 'Tis of Thee!!!

Just kidding. I turned into a Derplahoman for a second. I actually don't hate or fear Muslims. In fact, I think that associating Muslims with a small minority of extremists and murderers is just as bad as linking all Christians to the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church or those creepy ministers you see on the news who are caught molesting children. It would be like assuming that every emo kid in a trench coat is a school shooter, or every black man in a pimped-out Impala is a gang member. It's fear-based stereotyping and about as cool as buying jeans from Sears.

Of course, that's just a normal, reasonable, non-fear based view on the subject. In Oklahoma, that means I'm an out of touch, naive "Libtard." For more mainstream views on the subject that propagate media driven fear and support negative stereotypes, check out some of these comments by Derplahomans. They ran to the Facebook pages of local news channels to share their thoughts on Islam, Muslims and total disregard for the English language.

oklahoma facebook 13

You know what's scary? The guy with the Greek last name who wrote that people should go back to the country they came from wasn't even the craziest post. Don't get me wrong, it was close, but they get, uhm, better.

oklahoma facebook 23
oklahoma facebook 17

Yes, "Muslim" is a religion of hate and killing, unlike Tracey Terry's religion which apparently deems it fine to compare another religion to the taste of dog shit.


oklahoma facebook 24

When the first sentence to your Facebook post is is literally "America Is stupid anyway they allow too any foreigners here" we should have the right as American citizens to strip away your rights to "citizen ship."


oklahoma facebook 11

Good question, Sylvia. Maybe you should ask the "good" Muslims who organized the anti-ISIS muslim rally at Penn Square Mall a few weeks ago.


The ALL CAPS award goes out to Cat Smith:

oklahoma facebook 18

By far, the creepiest part about this post is that Cat used a lowercase "i" in the word "TiME" in the second sentence. The second creepiest is that Cat's avatar shows a cluster of road signs in downtown Edmond. The third creepiest is that someone goes by the name Cat.


After the Moore beheading made headlines, some lady at a nursing home accused a co-worker of threatening to behead her a few weeks earlier. You can read the story here, but based upon other media accounts and user comments, the "threat" actually appears to be nothing more than a poorly worded, ill-advised joke by a Kenyan immigrant who is, by the way, a practicing Catholic. As a result of the "threat," the suspect has been jailed with a $1-million(!!!) bond and received comments like this...

oklahoma facebook 3
oklahoma facebook 10
oklahoma facebook 7
oklahoma facebook 2
oklahoma facebook 1
oklahoma facebook 27
oklahoma facebook 29
oklahoma facebook 25

Yes, we live in the greatest country on earth...where we shoot anyone who threatens to behead an American. Go Team!

Of course, we can't have a discussion about Muslims without mentioning our President...

oklahoma facebook 26

You may want to talk to the Muslims in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria about how well Obama defends them. They may disagree.

Speaking of war and stuff, some people think there's going to a great war with all the Muslims relatively soon.

oklahoma facebook 21
oklahoma facebook 20
oklahoma facebook 12
oklahoma facebook 16

Serious question? Who's scarier? Muslim extremists or the people who think all Muslims are extremists? When this war starts, how will we tell "good" Muslims from the "bad" ones. Maybe make them wear special patches on their sleeves? Move them to neighborhoods where they can be watched? Frighteningly, I'm sure the Derplahomans above would happily endorse all those "precautions."

Of course, not everything is that bad. As we do others, let's end this Derplahoman round-up with a couple of comments from normal, reasonable people like you and me. Not all Oklahomans are crazies...

oklahoma facebook 15
oklahoma facebook 22

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