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Jim Inhofe really hates pigeons…

1:27 PM EDT on September 24, 2014

inhofe dove hunt

For a pro-life guy, Jim Inhofe really seems to hate God's creations.

A few days ago, an animal rights activist released undercover video from a pigeon hunt fundraiser for US Senator Jim Inhofe that was held September 5th at Quartz Mountain State Park.

Like most things involving Inhofe, the video is shocking, gruesome and difficult to watch.

Check it out after the jump, but before you do, keep in mind that if you're eating lunch and the site of bloody, wounded, frightened animals being mercilessly gunned down for the pleasure of Derplahomans makes you sick to your stomach, you may want to wait a bit. Unless, of course, you're trying to lose some weight. If that's the case, watch it again and again and again:

Listen, I don't have a problem with hunting. If you want to go out for a weekend to kill a deer and then make some jerky with it, that's fine with me. Send me a sample. If you want to shoot some wild quail, prep it, wrap it with bacon and stuff it inside a jalapeno, smoke it, and then invite me over for dinner, that's cool, too. Do what you do. Have fun. Just don't shoot anyone in the face.

That being said, what was shown in that video is not hunting. It's a needless, pointless, useless and sickening slaughter of living creatures for the amusement of the King Joffrey of Oklahoma politicians. In fact, I'm surprised they didn't bring him pigeon pie.

And yes, I understand that pigeons are about the most annoying innocent things out there. They're the rats of the sky, and we all kind of wished Noah pulled a Jim Inhofe on them before they got on the arc, but that doesn't matter. Cats, children and old ladies driving down the interstate are annoying, too. We don't round them up and shoot them, do we?

In addition to the needless slaughter of tagged birds that were apparently bred to not have an instinctual fear of humans, therefore making them easier to shoot out of the sky, there were a couple of strange things in the video, including:

inhofe pigeon shoot

The Mariachi Band

Apparently, Inhofe's campaign booked a Mariachi band to provide music during the animal slaughter, because let's be honest, nothing goes better with the senseless killing animals than Mexican stereotypes.

Seriously, was that the best he could do? For something this barbaric, you think they would booked the band that played at the Black Mass. On that note, where's the outrage from the Catholic church on this thing? As long as it doesn't mock their religion, I guess they're fine with it.


inhofe pigeon hunt altus

They were apparently going to feed the pigeons to the indigent people of Altus...

According to Inhofe's campaign staffer, Rusty Appleton, the dead birds were apparently going to be fed to the homeless people of Altus. As the guy in the video reports, that claim seems rather dubious considering homeless shelters that receive state grants are only allowed to accept meat that is USDA approved.

That being said, let's play along and take Rusty for his word. Imagine working at the Altus homeless shelter and having a truck load of 1,000 freshly killed pigeons dropped at the back door. I'm sure that would make your day. Secondly, imagine living at the Altus homeless shelter:

"What's for breakfast?"



Seriously, how many homeless people actually live in Altus? The thought of having pigeon every day would probably make them either get a job or hitchhike over to Lawton. I heard they feed squirrel to their indigents.

Also, if the food is good enough for homeless people, why didn't Inhofe, Appleton and the rest of nutjobs eat the birds, too? I guess they're too good for the animals they just "hunted?"


Anyway, you can check out more from the pigeon massacre by clicking here. The whole thing is pretty damn sad. Of course, what's even sadder is that the publicity from this event will likely boost Inhofe's approval rating. This state sure can be fucking crazy.

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