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And the winning Weather Dong is…

mike morgan marla

Is that a radar on the screen or are you just happy to see me!?

Sorry, that was the best lede I could come up with. Also, I couldn't think of a good pic to lead off the post, so I went with old photo of Mike and Marla Morgan, or as they're known in the swingers community, The Weather Dongs.

Anyway, we have a winner in our $200 Weather Dong Contest presented by Patricia's.

Check it out:

weather-dong finalist 2

Yep, Immature Weather is the winner! It received 163 votes (37%).

Coming in second place was Damon Lane Weather Dong with 130 votes (30%):

weather dong finalist 1

I won't lie, at first I was disappointed that Immature Weather Dong won the contest. I'm a weather dong purist and think a true weather dong needs a meteorologist in it. But then I went to email the person who submitted the photo and discovered they sent it anonymously through a fake email address! Awesome! I guess I get to keep my $200! Go Immature Weather Dong!

In addition to the $200 prize, we said we'd give $100 to the meteorologist in the winning photo. That's another $100 we get to save. Instead of being cheap and spending the money on beer, I've decided to send Damon Lane a Patricia's Gift Card to as a consolation prize. He deserves it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who submitted photos. We have another photo contest starting in a couple of weeks. Good luck.

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