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Which one of Christina Fallin’s friends kissed a Channel 25 reporter at H&8th?

keaton fox

The goober pictured above is KOKH Fox 25 reporter Keaton Fox.

On Friday night, Keaton was sent to the H&8th food truck block party for a live report on a voter registration drive. That's how popular H&8th has become. They're now asking intoxicated people to register to vote while they wait in line for an Indian taco. Maybe next month they'll have mobile plasma donation stations.

While Keaton was in the middle of his report, some drunk, probably hot hipster girl who is hopefully over 21 ran into the live shot and kissed him on the cheek. We think the girl is friends with Hipster Boo Boo because she wore one of those Native American headband things. As they say, girls who wear a feather flock together.

Here's the clip:

That's funny. Even though he tried to play it cool on camera, you can tell the kiss made Keaton's night / year. Afterwards, he blew his load on Twitter:

Dude, have you ever been kissed by a girl before?! Quit goofing around and get her phone number before she sobers up. That's what Morgan Chesky would do!

Ouch, so the girl "ran off into the night" before he could get her phone number. I hate it when they do that. That's why you never untie them.

Anyway, I kind of feel sorry for Keaton. Obviously, the guy isn't too good with the ladies and blew a major opportunity to not only hook up with one, but also play "Heart and Soul" with Christina Fallin at the Governor's Mansion. Because of that, let's do Keaton a favor and try to find out who this girl is. Right now, all we know is that she's a brunette and probably still hungover. If you have any tips about her identity, send us an email before her Facebook and Instagram page go private.

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