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OU pulled an OSU to sell additional Texas tickets…

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I'm an OU fan.

I was born an OU fan, grew up an OU fan, and in my adulthood, became what OSU grads like to call "the OU fan that never went to school there OU fan." I complain during the bad times, complain during the good times, and still have nightmares about Landry Jones.

Knowing all that, it really hurts to write words like this: OU just pulled an OSU.

Yesterday, the university sent an email to season ticket holders about additional OU - Texas tickets going up for sale, but... to get those tickets there was a catch.

Check it out:

ou texas ticket package

Yep, the University of Oklahoma, a traditional college football power, is forcing season ticket holders to buy full price tickets to boring games in order to get additional Texas tickets. That's such an OSU thing to do. What's next? Changing the uniforms every week? Making Owen Field run east / west? Asking fans to kiss their cousins and/or wave at each other whenever the Sooners score a touchdown?

Seriously, isn't OU above this? I'm pretty sure they've sold out every game in the Stoops era. Don't they have a waiting list for season tickets? Instead of entrapping season ticket holders, they should make the leftover tickets to all those games, including Texas, available to the general public. That would actually be pretty cool. My biggest complaint about OU / Texas is that it's an elitist event. To get tickets, you either have to be a student, work for a corporate sponsor, be a donor, know a donor, fuck a donor or have a couple of hundred bucks lying around for a scalper. It sucks.

In fact, it's one reason why I really wouldn't care if the game left Dallas and moved to a home and home series. I know that's kind of a blasphemous thing for an OU fan to say, and don't get me wrong, if you put a RUF/NEK rifle to my head and asked me choose I'd say keep the game in Dallas, but moving it seriously wouldn't bother me.

I've been to OU- Texas. The pomp and circumstance is cool, and it's one hell of a sporting event, but know what else would be nice? How about watching OU play Texas in Memorial Stadium on a cool October night along with 85,000 other OU fans? That would be insane, and it would give more fans an opportunity to enjoy the rivalry. Plus, it would keep money in the Sooner state. If you take off the crimson colored glasses it actually makes sense, but blah blah blah blah, tradition, Big Tex, corn dogs, Texas recruiting, 1984 pass interference call, makes OSU fans jealous. I get it. Leave the game in Dallas.

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