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Meet Oklahoma House District 91 candidate Scott Esk. He’s a nut.

12:18 PM EDT on June 11, 2014

The guy pictured above is Scott Esk. He's running in the Republican primary for House District 91. Last night, KFOR Channel 4 warned us about his "extreme" views.

Scott Esk is running for House District 91 state representative.

On his website, he says he is a conservative who wants to apply biblical principles to Oklahoma law.

But some are saying his views are extreme.

Get out-of-town. You're telling me there's a bible thumping Oklahoma politician with extreme political views?! What's next? White Water is wet? Joleen Chaney is hot? Sally Kern smells like fish sticks? What kind of "extreme" views does this guy have?

Well, just check out these Facebook comments that were uncovered by Moore Monthly, Toby Keith's most trusted news source:

scott esk Facebook comments

Yeah, Scott Esk is just your regular old politician who thinks the state should have the right to stone homosexuals to death for simply being homosexuals. Does he hate well-manicured lawns or something? In a state where "extreme political views" are redefined on a daily basis, I guess you can say that is pretty damn extreme. The views are so "out there" that not one Derplahoman stuck up for him on the KFOR Facebook Page.

Dark ages views on homosexuality are not the only extreme thoughts running through Scott's head. Check out what he thinks about other topics like guns, abortion and heterosexual divorce.

From his campaign website:


I have no use for licensing restrictions on a God-given right. I am happy that Oklahoma FINALLY passed open-carry so that people will no longer get in trouble for the outline of their concealed gun showing through their pocket (How stupid that that could even happen!). I am against requiring a license to exercise a God-given right. I am for nullification legislation that maintains the 2nd Amendment’s prohibition from federal interference with guns. I am against any law that would make weapons manufacturers liable for crime committed with their products. Is it any surprise that the vast majority of the deadly shootings the last many years have occurred in areas where guns were prohibited??? I applaud people being armed in such settings to minimize the chances of such tragedies from occurring.

I'm a gun owner and support the second amendment, but is there anywhere in the bible where God says "And you shall have thy right to own semi-automatic assault rifle?" Just curious.


I am totally against abortion, and consider it murder of an innocent human being. Science has provided overwhelming evidence that the life inside a pregnant woman’s womb is a unique human life which, although it depends on the mother for life, is no part of her body. I am for nullifying the infamous Roe v Wade decision, and examining Oklahoma law to make sure it is 100% pro life, and leading in the movement to punish abortionists severely for their committing of murder. Religious groups, families, charities, etc, should be encouraged to provide for women with unplanned pregnancies so that they are taken care of while they’re pregnant and adoption should be provided if the mother is not in a position to raise her baby. Rape should be severely punished, so that it will become less commonplace, and then we’d be talking less about babies brought forth by rape. As it is, the vast majority of abortions are simply belated birth control. Also, the father should be held financially liable for supporting the new life he has helped create while the mother is gestating, and also afterward if the baby is not adopted out.

On a positive note, at least he thinks rapists should be severely punished.

Here's where things get really creepy:


I consider divorce largely a needless tragedy, and Oklahoma has been historically among the most divorce-prone states in our nation.  I don’t think it should be more difficult to enter into marriage in Oklahoma, but it should definitely be much more difficult to end it.  There are 12 grounds for divorce in OK, and the 1 of incompatibility is used more than all the others combined.  It’s the only 1 that needs no wrong-doing to be demonstrated.  I am eager to abolish this as a ground for divorce, even if it has to be chipped away slowly, but let’s make divorce a scandalous thing, and very rare again.  Adultery and extreme cruelty are other grounds that can be used, but they have to be demonstrated.  I’m also for jury divorce trials, so that those who have felt the pain of divorce can judge as to the legitimacy of a divorce request, and terms of divorce.  It’s time we got back to having compassion for the most egregiously mistreated victims of divorce, the children of the marriage, who often are coached to have little regard for the parent that does not have custody of them.  Many people whom I’ve interviewed have expressed their desire to have stayed with their 1st spouse, but that spouse initiated no-fault divorce, and the passive spouse was powerless to stop it.    What needless misery!

What needless misery??? I'd argue that forcing to someone to stay in a destructive marriage with some creep who wants to stone homosexuals to death is needless misery. Don't tell that to Scott, though. He lives in a land called Creepy Denial.

Check out this blurb from his "About Me."

I met the love of my life, Pamela, when I was at OU. We were married for 15 years, and had 3 handsome boys, 1 of whom is an adult now. Frivolous divorce raised its ugly head in the Esk home, and I am still trying to reconcile with Pam, considering that to be our only option from my understanding of the Bible on marriage and divorce. From my experience with the ‘family’ courts, I am dedicated to saving Oklahoma children from the chaos and misery of frivolous divorce, and am wholeheartedly against no-fault divorce.

Anyone else feel like you're trapped in the plot of a bad Lifetime movie? That's A) disturbing and B) probably explains why Scott's ex-wife filed two victim protective orders in 2007. In all fairness to Scott, one of them was denied.

Anyway, here are couple of final thoughts:

1. Can someone hook Scott up with one of the crazy ladies in that Jim Bridenstine town hall video? Maybe it will help him move on with his life.

2. Please don't vote for this guy. I know the only things we're good at in Oklahoma are impregnating teenagers, not learning how to read and electing whackos to public office, and although voting for this extremist may be tempting and give us plenty of material, let's just go with more stereotypical nuts who compare homosexuals to terrorists. Deal?

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