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Farewell to the original KFOR Social Media Bandit…

11:10 AM EDT on June 2, 2014


The next time you get suckered into clicking a link to an adorable video of a dog and kitten reuniting with their owner while riding a tricycle on solar roadways on, or simply find yourself laughing at some of the comments on the Oklahoma City non-news news leader's Facebook page, pour a little bit of your Starbucks out for a homie.

The original KFOR Social Media Bandit and Mother Nature's Furry, Ashton Edwards, is leaving Oklahoma City for Salt Lake City. There's no word on who is going to replace her on Frugal Friday, or if that segment is even still on the air. Seriously, if I'm at home on a Friday at 4:30pm watching someone on TV tell me about discounted Frontier City tickets and not on a patio drinking mojitos, make sure I'm not looking and pull the plug.

She'll be joined in Salt Lake by her husband Chase Thomason. He's accepted a position at KUTV Channel 2 where he will report on the weather without having to worry about being tickled by a strange nervous man wearing a red bedazzled tie.

This news is kind of bittersweet. If the gang at KFOR are the Crips of local social media, then Ashton was their OG. She regulated the feeds and clickbait like a social media maestro. She'd whip up adorable and inspirational clips of dogs and kittens and ducks and babies and heroes and everything else she saw on Reddit, Buzzfeed and The Today Show the day before for the enjoyment of thousands of clueless people on Facebook. It was impressive.

Anyway, Ali Meyer threw a big KFOR going away party for Ashton and Chase on Friday night. For some reason, we didn't receive an invitation. I guess the entire thing was on the down-low, because there was hardly any mention of it on social media. In fact, this was the only pic I could find:

chase and ashton

Yeah, that's it. When you consider Emily Sutton, JoJo and Courtney Francisco were probably prancing around Ali Meyer's pool like Phoebe Cates or Christie Brinkley or some other hot chick pool scene from a 1980s movie, that's pretty depressing.

To make up for it, here's a pic of Abigail Ogle and Erielle Reshef tormenting Wendell Edwards:

I guess Abigail Ogle is imitating Lance Stephenson and pretending to blow in Erielle Reshef's ear. I'm not sure what Eriel Sherief is pretending to blow, but Wendell needs to get his mind out of the gutter.

Here's another random pic of Emily and JoJo. It's not from the going away party, but it is from Chase and Ashton's wedding.

That's nice. If you do want to see a KFOR employee in a bikini, here's a pic of Meg Alexander and her mommy brigade at the lake.

After that, they probably went to Flips to talk about the new fashions at J.Jill.

Anyway, we wish Chase and Ashton the best of luck in Utah. The next time KFOR asks a bizarre question on Twitter, or we spot Mike Morgan giving Aaron Bracket a wedgie, we'll be thinking of them.

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