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12 New Adventures for KFOR’s Ashley Kringen…

ashley kringen KFOR

In addition to Courtney Francisco, one of our favorite young media starlets in the Oklahoma City market is KFOR / Freedom 43's Ashley Kringen. This is because she seems like a cool girl, brought attention to Captain Bigot from Enid and, well, other things.

For about a year or so, Ashley's had a segment on Freedom 43 called "Adventure's with Ashley." I wasn't familiar with the segment until a couple of days ago when I ran across some "adventures" on the Freedom 43 website.

Here are a couple of recent ones:

Olive & Co.:

A shop in Oklahoma City called Olive & Co. offers more than 20 varietals of extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegar to suit different people’s tastes.

Also available are gourmet groceries from pastas, to sauces, rubs and Lekue Cookware.

The business offers taste tasting and classes to become educated on the different types of olive oils.

Olive & Co. is located at 7602 N. May, for more information visit

The Braniff Hair Co.

The Braniff Hair Co. in Oklahoma City is a new barber shop right in the heart of Downtown OKC.

This is a full service salon with clean neck shaves for men, cut, color and styles for women, spa services and manicures and pedicures.

The shop is located at 324 N. Robinson in Oklahoma City.

For more information, visit

I get it. It's morning TV and to fill content you have to do silly segments like Adventures With Ashley. That being said, when visiting an olive oil retailer or barber shop counts as an adventure, it's either time to A) rethink the entire "adventure" concept or B) come up with and adventure segment that is actually filled with adventure.

That's where we come in. Since we're now Ashley Kringen fans, I thought we should come up with some new local adventures. They'll be much more fun and entertaining.

1. Go to Braum's

Hey, going to Braum's on Ice Cream Day helped bring international fame, fortune and an Ogle Madness championship to Lauren Richardson. Unless Ashley actually knows how to serve ice cream, it could probably do the same for her.


belle isle walmart

2. Shoplift at the Belle Isle Walmart

According to sources, this is the best Walmart to go shoplifting because you'll fit in with everyone else.


Hobie Point

3. Gay Fly model airplanes at Lake Hefner

Spencer says it's a great time.


city place

4. Go down the City Place slide with Steve Lackmeyer

Did you know the City Place building in Downtown OKC has a huge, functional fire escape slide that swirls about one million stories all the way down from the top floor to the bottom? I know this because the people at Staplegun roofied me one night and forced me to go down it, nearly leading to me being arrested by security and becoming the subject of a Nolan Clay dream story.

Anyway, rumors around town are that Steve Lackmeyer hides in the slide chamber some nights communicating with old buildings, Hobbie's Hoagies and / or a three-eyed raven. I have no clue.



5. 2nd Annual TLO Undie Run

Last year's undie run was a great success, so we might as well have another one. I'm sure Ashley would have fun.


desmond mason with artwork

6. Pretend to like Desmond Mason's art

When you do, be sure to say that it's very original and doesn't look like a Basquiat.



7. Speed through Nichols Hills without getting caught

This is a tough one. To better her chances, she'll probably need to learn how to cry.



8. Climb the Life Church Cross

I heard it gets you closer to Jesus.


video vigilante

9. Eat barbeque with the Video Vigilante

As we know, that's almost as adventurous as filming prostitutes have sex.


lazy river

10. Swim against the current in the Lazy River

Outside of eating the food, this is the most adventurous thing you can do at White Water.


farm truck

11. Ride down 39th Street with Farm Truck

Did you know that Street Outlaws is still a thing and was recently renewed for a third season? Meanwhile, you're still reading this damn list. What are we doing wrong?


okc gun range alcohol

12. Get drunk at a gun range

This is probably on Ashley's list, but I thought I'd include it.


Anyway, good luck Ashley. I can't wait to see these and other adventures on Freedom 43.

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