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Someone left a m4m Missed Connection for me on Craigslist…

Welcome back.

If you're anything like me, your mind checks out the three or four days before a holiday weekend starts and doesn't return back to normal until you've spent a couple of days mindlessly wasting away in your office or cubicle drinking coffee and surfing the Internet. Unless, of course, you're poor, a hard worker and/or work in the service industry. That means you probably had to work over the weekend. If so, happy Tuesday.

Anyway, I was treated to something pretty cool over the break. Someone let me know there's a m4m Missed Connection for me on Craigslist.

paul folger

Oops. My bad. That's one someone posted for Paul Folger.

Here's the one placed for me:

craigslist screenshot1

Yep, someone addressed a prank Craigslist m4m "Missed Connection" to me. At least I hope that's a prank. Otherwise, I may need to quit drinking.

Actually, that sound you heard was my ego exploding. Does this mean I've made it? Having anonymous people "out" me  (the same guy who named his WiFi "Kate Upton's Boobs") is an honor. Here are some random thoughts:

- I'm totally stealing the "Silver Foxxx" nickname and using three X's. It's how I'll sign all my future letters to Joleen Chaney.

- I live 2 miles from the Speakeasy. If I were going to hook up with a dude, why would I pick the upstairs bathroom with all the hidden cameras? I'd just go home or to the Hilo.

- I like how the person updated the post a day after they wrote it, but still left some typos. That makes me think this is either the work of Dean Blevins or someone who wants to write for us. It could be both.

- Spencer and Marisa are going to be jealous.

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