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Blake Shelton likes awful pizza…


The only thing Oklahomans love more than greasy awful music is greasy awful food. Blake Shelton is bringing both to home with the launch of his new line of Pizza Hut BBQ pizzas. They come in three styles: Blake's Smokehouse BBQ, Honey BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian BBQ. They also have a secret sauce you can ask for called "Fuck my life, I'm ordering a BBQ pizza at Pizza Hut."

Seriously, BBQ pizza? That's one of life's great travesties. Just typing the words BBQ and Pizza makes me want the to throw up like a TV news anchor after a small meal.

From Amanda Taylor's favorite website Country Weekly:

Blake Shelton is an unabashed lover of good barbecue and pizza, so, appropriately, Blake is helping the Pizza Hut chain launch its new line of BBQ pizzas. Pizza Hut has named one of its three BBQ recipes, Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ, in Blake’s honor, based on his favorite ingredients and inspiration.

“Growing up in Ada, Oklahoma, Pizza Hut was a big deal in my community,” Blake said in a release about the new product line. “As a fan of barbecue and pizza, it has been a blast to partner with Pizza Hut to bring two of my favorite foods together.”

Well, I think the Ada Chamber of Commerce just found their new tourism slogan. It's "Ada! Pizza Hut is a big deal here." Seriously, talk about throwing your home town under the bus. If a Pizza Hut is a big deal just shut the town down and force everyone to move somewhere with a Mazzio's.

Blake Shelton is a cool dude and everything, but he's in danger of becoming the face of all the things that people really don't like. Hell, he might already be that person. For example, country music is music for people who really don't like good music, Pizza Hut is pizza for people who really don't like good pizza, and the Voice is a television show for people who really don't like televisions shows. Pretty soon Blake's going to sign a deal with Hyundai or a star in a Michael Bay film.

Anyway, here's a commercial where Blake attempts to come up with some names for the pizza. You'll think it's funny if you don't like funny:

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