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Don’t worry, students at Midwest City High School don’t have to submit to STD testing…

midwest city std letter

It's been a banner week for immature Oklahoma high school students.

Just days after a couple of kids turned a bit of leg fat into yearbook page-ripping controversy, some clever hooligans posted the prank letter above throughout Midwest City High School. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too believable.

KOCO Channel 5 has all the details:

Students arrived to Midwest City High School to posted letters saying each student would be tested for STDs after an outbreak at the school.

School officials said the letter was a prank.

"We are currently investigating a prank that took place at Midwest City High School today involving the falsification of District letterhead," a statement from the school read. "Letters were posted at the school with false information. The school has communicated to parents through the District's automated messaging system that the letter is a prank. School is continuing as usual."

The letter said the testing was mandatory due to a spread of STDs among students in Mid-Del schools.

The letter said students who were not tested would not be promoted to the next grade level.

First of all, I'm denying and all responsibility for this. Although I wish I would have thought it up, we had nothing to do with it.

Seriously, that's a pretty good prank. My only suggestion is that they should have made it even more believable by posting the letter throughout Choctaw High School. Of course, it probably wouldn't have caused any alarm or concern out there. I'm pretty sure the Choctaw School Board thinks scoliosis is an STD.

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