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Yukon High School has a cool yearbook…

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Back when I was a younger Ogle in a decade we'll call the 1990s, yearbook day was one of my favorite days of the school year. It meant school was almost out, a summer of fun awaited and my friends and I could go through each page of the book trying to determine which senior girl had the biggest boobs.

Well, it looks like teenage boys haven't changed all that much. However, technology sure has.

From News 9:

Right now, more than 1,100 Yukon High School students are being asked to bring their yearbooks back to school after a photo causes controversy.

It's being called a yearbook fiasco. The photo shows an unflattering angle of a female student. School administrators say the parents of the student want the picture removed.

"Not an appropriate picture, and really wish that our staff had caught it earlier, so just working to remove it from our yearbook," Associate Principal Lisa Megli said.

Megli said after more than 10 years as an associate principal at Yukon High School, this is a first.

"I would call it a fiasco," said Megli. "It was a great yearbook picture that might have just been at the wrong angle."

Megli said a couple of students took the unflattering photo of the teen and blasted it on social media.

That's when the issue took on a life of its own.

"I saw it in the yearbook, and they cut it out today," Yukon High School junior, Luis Guera, said.

Now, students who purchased the yearbook have been asked to bring their books back to school to either have the picture covered, or the page completely cut out.

So, what exactly was in this photo? Is the Yukon school district about to get sued?

"You could just see up her skirt, but you couldn't see anything," said Yukon High School freshman, Laina Radenberg. "It was just legs."

"It's just fat, leg fat. That's all there is," said junior, Joys Johny. "There's nothing major about the picture other than people making a big deal about it."

Yep, nothing to see here, just some teenage leg fat. Move along.

Twitter lit up after a "blown up" version of the photo was posted. The picture has since been removed.

One student writes in a Twitter post, "No, I'm not bringing my yearbook to school for you to rip out a page because of some immature boys."

"I think a couple of guys took the picture, turned it into something that it wasn't, and that's where it kind of really blew out of proportion," Megli said.

Wait a second. Who exactly turned this "into something that it wasn't?" Was it a couple of perverted teenage boys being perverted teenage boys, the overreacting school district and helicopter parents, or the desperate news channel looking to turn "something it that wasn't" into a lead sweeps story on the 10 PM news? When in doubt, blame high schoolers, right? They're easy scapegoats.

A few other notes:

• I couldn't find the photo on Twitter. Not that I wanted to see teenage leg fat or anything like that. I was just doing my job.

• Why did News 9 not send Steve Shaw out to do this report? He was born for this type of stuff. This would be like sending anyone but Amanda Taylor out to Nashville to interview the next rising country music star.

• How much do you think the girl in the photo hates her parents? I can feel her eye rolls and dirty looks from here.

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