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Colbert did a bit on the Baphomet monument…

gary england stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert must have a thing for Oklahoma deities.

As we all know, he brought Lord England to the show back in September to discuss tornado precautions and weather nicknames. Now he's talking to Satan, Lord of Hell, about the Baphomet statue the Satanic Temple wants to install at the capitol.

Check it out:

As I've mentioned in the past, I really hope they're able to build this monument. It's not that I'm a Satan worshipper or anything, but if the enemy of enemy is my friend, then Baphomet and I should be riding a two-seated bike around Lake Hefner while singing "So Happy Together." Of course, my position on all that would change if I ever found out that Sally Kern and Baphomet were secretly working with each other. In fact, they probably are. That means I'm being played by Sally Kern and the devil. Sometimes I feel like I can't win.

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