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Scary White Rapper Zero has released a Lost Ogle diss video…


The last time I wrote about scary white rapper Zero, his music videos and antique gun collection, I included the following challenge:

I’d like to challenge to Mr. Zero. Make a music video that disses me. It should be very easy. I’m goofy looking, have red hair, and sneeze every time I poop. I’m also a local stand-up comic so I can take a joke. If you need more ammo for your rap skit, check out my Twitter.

Guess what?! Zero accepted my challenge!

Last night, while I was singing the theme from Fievel Goes West out my bedroom window, I received an email that Zero and his gang, the Okie Boy Goons, have uploaded a new video to YouTube! It's a diss track aimed at me and TLO!

Check it out:

WOW!  At least he didn't shoot me in a drive by!

Can you believe he would come after my sweaters like that? What the hell did my sweaters ever do to him?

Standing in front of a brick wall with a mic was also a nice touch. That's because I perform stand-up comedy. When I make a response video, I'll be sure to film some scenes in front of a really bad tattoo shop.

I'm not sure where he got the footage of pitbull's humping, but that's not something I would want on my computer's hard drive. And while I hate to admit it, he's spot the the fuck on about me getting sunburnt. Hell, I have to use sunscreen if I want to microwave popcorn. It's terrible.

My only complaint is that he didn't have his emo buddy sing a chorus. Also, I thought he'd make a big deal about how handsome I am. The only thing that will make me feel better now is watching Bobbie Miller or Katy Blakey on the news. They are always so happy!

I'm already in the process of writing a response rap. I think I'm going to call it "Shawnee Playa" or "Zero Rap Like De Niro," but I need some beats and topless models for the music video. So if anyone here knows Timberland or Pharrell, please have them send me something.

I will try to have a response video up in the next two weeks. So stay tuned as this saga unfolds!

If you have any pointers on how to rap, contact Spencer on twitter at @SpencerLenox.

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