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Emily Sutton is doing okay…

emily sutton fruit bar

It's been a few weeks since Emily Sutton was dethroned by Lacey Swope in the Ogle Madness VII Championship game. Emily seems to be taking the loss pretty well:

Yep, Emily Sutton is getting a beer named after her. That means you'll soon be able to walk into any bar and order a nice, tall Emily Sutton without having to be worried about a fireman punching you in the face. Works for me.

I wonder what Lacey Swope and Channel 9 are going to do to one up this? I bet they launch a whole line of limited edition News 9 Weather Beers presented by Weather X Extreme Storm Shelters and Camelot Roofing. That would be pretty amazing. I got first dibs on Lord England's Lighting Pale Ale. You all can have David's Tornado IPAyne.

In addition to having her own beer, Emily Sutton has recently encountered some adventure. Look at what she found in her backyard:

See, this is what makes Emily Sutton so endearing. Not only does she use the word sucker in normal vernacular, but she really seems to be cheering for Mr. Toad. It probably didn't even occur to her to say "Let's get these motherfucking snakes off my yard!"

If a similar scene happened in Lacey Swope's backyard, the snake and toad would be on the end of an arrow. I guess that's hot... if you're weird.

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