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We’re trading Santos for Tatros…

sierra santos8

See you later, Santos.

We have learned through the Ogle Mole Network that Seira Santos is leaving News 9. In case you forgot, Siera was Dean's handler, has a fun website, and once sent a selfie where she pretended to eat pizza during a beauty pageant:

sierra santos 2

Siera seemed like a really cool girl, and even though I don't recall ever seeing her on TV, I'm sure she did a great job. If anything, she probably kept Dean on his strict Smart Ones diet. We wish her the best.

Anyway, before you pull a Carson Cunningham and have a panic attack, I have some good news. Look who's coming back:

tiffany tatro 1

Yes! After a brief hiatus away from KOKH Fox 25, Tiffany and the Tatros are coming back to Oklahoma television screens. She announced on Twitter that she's joined the KOCO Channel 5 team. We should celebrate by throwing a pool party.

So we're basically trading Santos for Tatros? I'll take it.

As an added bonus, recent KFOR castaway Bree Steffen has also made the move to Channel 5.

Maybe her first big story could be to follow up on that big knife fight at Lake Draper?

Anyway, you know how Einstein said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Or was that Milton. Regardless, I think that's what is going on here. We lose Santos, but keep Tatros and a Steffen. Science sure is amazing, isn't it?

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