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Vanity Perkins interviewed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Fashion Week

vanity perkins

Oklahoma Fashion Week is the gift that keeps on giving.

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole alerted me to this amazing video of Vanity Perkins interviewing Mary Fallin for a few minutes at the Oklahoma Fashion Week media day. Vanity is apparently now a special correspondent for "Oklahoma Live" on KSBI Channel 52. I would have posted the video sooner, but sometimes I forget KSBI Channel 52 exists.

If you do anything productive today, make sure it's watching this video a few 100 times and then sharing it with all your friends. It kind of reminds me of an SNL spoof, only a lot more funny and terrifyingly real. In fact, Vanity is the best celebrity interviewer I've seen since Harry Caray on Space: The Infinite Frontier.

Here's the clip:

Yeah, that was pretty bad. Vanity should be doing television about as often as Kendrick should be taking three pointers. I would suggest that someone send Vanity and KSBI a memo reminding them that having a famous husband doesn't necessarily qualify someone for a career in television, but that would be a bad idea. For one, I'm sure KSBI and Vanity are painfully aware of that fact. And two, sending that memo may result in less Vanity Perkins on KSBI. It may be awful, but I love it.

Here are a few other thoughts:

•Was anyone else surprised by Vanity's voice? Based upon her history with nail salons and Regular Jim Traber, I thought she'd sound, I don't know, a little less ditzy. I guess I was expecting something rough and tough like Loretta from Family Guy. Not a countrified Valley Girl hybrid.

• Outside of Vanity's voice, grace, and the canned responses from Governor Fallin that made Oklahoma Fashion Week seem like an important event, I think the best part of the clip was at the 2:20 mark when Mary awkwardly slid off the screen. Or, it could have been when Vanity announced the hand-picked winner of her own social media contest... TIANNANICOLE.

• I also enjoyed the reaction of the KSBI studio team when they realized "Holy Shit, our bosses hired this lady to work for us." You could tell Abby Broyles was doing her best not to laugh. Drew Schroeder was so amused that he nearly opened his eyes.

• At the end of the clip, KSBI announced that Christina Fallin is going to co-host Oklahoma Live this May. I can't wait for that. Maybe she'll have a pow wow on the set to show her appreciation for beautiful things. Seriously, KSBI is doing at great job a reeling in the top notch, not desperate for attention talent. First they land Vanity Perkins, and now they're putting Christina Fallin on TV. If they don't get Joe Exotic to perform every Friday, something's wrong.

Anyway, we'll cover the Christina's appearance later. Here's one more clip of Vanity at Oklahoma Fashion Week.It's also awkward and hilarious. When you watch it, pay attention to the cheesy camera work, happy models and the random lady sneaking into her office. Enjoy!

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