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Lacey Swope is your Ogle Madness VII Champion…

lacey swope flowers

There's a new severe weather diva in town!

First time Ogle Madness participant Lacey Swope defeated (1) Emily Sutton in the Ogle Madness VII Championship Game by a score of 674 to 468. For those who like percentages, that's 59% to 41%.

We actually had one person select Lacey in the Ogle Madness VII Bracket Challenge. His name is Daryn from Garber, and he wins a dinner for eight to Local in Norman. Here's what he had to say when we notified him of his victory:

"Awesome! I won the whole thing? I would like to thank The Lost Ogle, Lacey Swope, and last but not least my wife, she thinks I'm a pervert."

From one pervert to another, congratulations Daryn.

This closes out an amazing run for hot and homely 6-seed from Keifer. Lacey rolled through Ogle Madness VII like a tornado on the dry line, destroying everything in her path. Here's a list of her victims:

aaron tuttle 4

Round One: Defeated (11) Aaron Tuttle 563 (87%) - 82 (13%)

We give Aaron Tuttle a hard time on this site, but the fact that he figured out a way to cast 82 votes for himself is impressive.


bob stoops

Round Two: Defeated (3) Bob Stoops 344 (56%) - 270 (44%)

Surprisingly, this was the closest anyone came to stopping the Swope machine. Much like his recent OU football teams (excluding the fluke Sugar Bowl win), he couldn't stop Lacey in the clutch.



Sweet 16: Defeated (2) Carrie Underwood 386 (62%) - 247 (38%)

When Lacey destroyed a hot blonde who can sing and wears dresses from the future, I knew we may be onto to something big.


kevin durant hookah

Elite 8: Defeated (1) Kevin Durant 429 (60%) - 322 (40%)

I wasn't shocked that Lacey beat two-time Ogle Madness Champion Kevin Durant (never underestimate the power of cute weather girl in Oklahoma). However, I was shocked that she won by double digit margins.



Final 4: Defeated (6) Real Miss Oklahoma 631 (64%) - 357 (36%)

Note to self. If I ever have a pool party, invite Real Miss Oklahoma. Jesus christ.


emily sutton cold

Championship Game: Defeated (1) Emily Sutton 674 (59%) - 468 (41%)

Obviously, the big story here is that Lacey Swope knocked out Emily Sutton in the Championship Game, preventing the original severe weather diva from an Ogle Madness threepeat. This has to be big disappointment for Emily. Not only was it her first defeat in Ogle Madness history, but it came at the hands of her News 9 doppelgänger. As we noted in the past, it really seems like Lacey Swope was created in a lab to replicate and destroy Emily Sutton. Winning Ogle Madness is a sign it may be working. Score one for the clones.


I guess this marks the end to Ogle Madness VII. I'd like to thank LOCAL for sponsoring the bracket challenge, and everyone who participated to make this a fun event. We had over 41,000 total votes cast, which averages out to over 500 per matchup. Considering that polls only remained open for 24 hours, that's impressive. Thanks again. Amen.

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