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Ogle Madness VII Elite 8: (1) Kevin Durant vs (6) Lacey Swope

Good news! The first 100 voters in this poll will get a free DVD of Thunderstruck!

Just kidding. Happy April Fools Day! We don't hate you as much as HBO does.

Our Southeast Regional Final is a good one. It's Kid Clutch / Slim Reaper / The Servant vs. Bizzaro Emily Sutton / Almost Emily Sutton / Better Than Emily Sutton:

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (6)Lacey Swope



(1) Kevin Durant vs. (6) Lacey Swope


(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Future NBA Legends

Who He Is: Star of Thunderstruck

Biggest Strength: Playing the game of basketball

Biggest Weakness: Hookah

Last Game: Defeated (4) Mike Gundy 468-140


lacey swope 5

(6) Lacey Swope

Conference: Super Cute Weather Nerds (Non-Emily Sutton Conference)

Who She Is: Bizarro Emily Sutton

Biggest Strength: Killing animals.

Biggest Weakness: Isn’t Emily Sutton

Last Game: Defeated (2) Carrie Underwood 386-237


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