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15 Dumbest Photos from the Oklahoma Education Rally

9:30 AM EDT on April 1, 2014

Yesterday, 25,000 educators, students and left-leaning politicians flocked to the Oklahoma Capitol to protest more education budget cuts from the Oklahoma lawmakers. Hard to believe, isn't it? Oklahoma teachers having to beg for educational funding. That's hasn't been going on since, oh, 1907.

The protest was pretty large and cool, and naturally got the attention of our print and TV news media. Knowing that teachers are self-absorbed, attention-craving heathens who love nothing more than to see themselves on television, they...wait...I thought I was writing about Christina Fallin again. My bad.

In addition to the news media, everyone with a phone was taking pics and posting them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Grinder. This inspired random photo lists to appear online. Someone, probably a teacher, uploaded 17 of the Sassiest Signs from the rally to Buzzfeed. Former TLO Apprentice and now Death Star subcontractor Matt Carney posted his "10 Best Signs" on the floundering Digital Desk. Even Mike McCarville got in on the action by downplaying the entire thing and portraying Oklahoma legislators as victims.

Being the son of a distinguished teacher, administrator and education advocate, I thought it would be fun to rebel and post my own photo round-up from the rally. Unfortunately, my original plan to feature the 10 Hottest Teachers from the event didn't work out too well. I guess all the pom coaches stayed behind to get manicures. Undeterred, I then combed through photo after photo looking for blatant misspellings or any sign comparing Obama to Hitler. That didn't turn up much either. Apparently, these pro-education rallies are much different from the ones put on by the Tea Party.

Finally, I settled upon the 15 dumbest photos from the event. In no particular order, here they are:

okla ed rally 4

Actually, kids are probably more important than potholes, but they're not more important than fixing potholes. If you gave me the choice between fixing potholes or educating kids, I'd chose teaching kids how to fix potholes.


okla ed rally 13

Yeah, Dumbledore probably wouldn't cut funding, but then again, he's a character in a make-believe universe. Also, should we really model our educational system on a school that teaches its students to make an "N" look like a debilitated "W?"


okla ed rally 12
okla ed rally 11

Prisoners are people, too. Making them pose for a photo while doing the Tatonka is not cool.


okla ed rally 10

It's really nice that the Make A Wish foundation let that old man dress as Captain America for a day and "rescue" all those kids from Mary Fallin.


oklahoma education rally

These teachers are setting a bad example. Playing paper football in class will get your name on the board with an automatic checkmark. Hypocrites.


okla ed rally 9

Come on, cut the balding dudes some slack. I hope they wore sunscreen.


okla ed rally 8

The next word was "not."


okla ed rally 15

Yes, Sweet Brown is an inspiration to teachers everywhere. That's great.


okla ed rally 14

What do you think, guys? High school or college? I'm kidding. They're in college. I hope.


okla ed rally 5

I think just about everyone posted a selfie at the event. Just like those sunglasses, they were all pretty awful.


okla ed rally 6

I bet these teachers didn't even go to the event. They probably just reused an Instagram photo from a 2012 OU game.


okla ed rally 3

Neither is that sign.


okla ed rally 14

Come on. Teachers can afford more than just ramen. They can also eat boxed Mac N Cheese, canned tuna and Taco Bell.


okla ed rally1

Yeah, you do get what you pay "4." Next time, splurge for the extra six-inches of poster board.


okla ed rally 2

Wait a second? They're at Tinseltown! I bet their students can't even tell the difference between that place and the real Capitol.

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