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Ogle Madness VII: Second Round, West Region

This wraps up the Second Round of Ogle Madness VII. The Sweet 16 will start tomorrow. 

(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (8) Wes Welker

(4) Non-Chunky Cheerleaders vs. (5) Mayor Mick Cornett

(3) Abigail Ogle vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma

(2) Kristin  Chenoweth vs. (7) Wendy Suares


(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (8) Wes Welker

joleen chaney pinkdress

(1) Joleen Chaney

Conference: Super Hot Local Newsanchors

Who She Is: Anchor for KFOR News Channel 4

Biggest Strength: Easy on the eyes.

Biggest Weakness: Is married to a cop.

Defeated: (16) Pooping Tom 468-101


Wes Welker

(8) Wes Welker

Conference: Some Damn Sports Fella

Who He Is: Some Guy

Biggest Strength: Catching passes

Biggest Weakness: Except on critical third downs in the Super Bowl

Defeated: (9) Video Vigilante 406-146



(4) Non-Chunky Cheerleaders vs. (5) Mayor Mick Cornett

thunder girl chelsea

(4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls

Conference: Ex-Girlfriends

Who They Are: Thunder Girls

Biggest Strength: Making poms poms sexy

Biggest Weakness: Most are married or have boyfriends.

Defeated: (13) OKC Seahawks 385-168



(5) Mayor Mick Cornett

Conference: Amazing Mayors

Who He Is: Four Term Mayor of Oklahoma City

Biggest Strength: Getting elected

Biggest Weakness: Befriending the Red Dirt Report

Defeated: (12) Mary Fallin 490-59



 (3) Abigail Ogle vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma


abigail ogle twitter

(3) Abigail Ogle

Conference: Mighty Ogles

Who She Is: Sports Something or Other on KSBI KOCO 5

Biggest Strength: Her last name

Biggest Weakness: Buying Twitter followers

Defeated: (14) Derplahomans 318-163


Kelsey Griswold 1

(6) Real Miss Oklahoma

Conference: REAL Miss Oklahomas

Who She Is: The Actual Miss Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Isn’t a Fake Miss Oklahoma

Biggest Weakness: Isn’t Our Girlfriend

Defeated: (11) Emily Sutton's Serious Fireman Boyfriend 367-132


(2) Kristin  Chenoweth vs. (7) Wendy Suares



(2) Kristin Chenoweth

Conference: Sexy Pixies

Who She Is: Famous Actress

Biggest Strength: Tiny body, big voice

Biggest Weakness:  Can’t get that thing off the top of the fridge.

Defeated: (15) Real Housewives of OKC 481-66


wendy suarez 8

(7) Wendy Suares

Conference: Super Cute News Vixens

Who She Is: KOKH FOX 25 Anchor

Biggest Strength: Perfect Face

Biggest Weakness:  Works at FOX 25

Defeated: (10) Earthquakes 261-222


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