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Ogle Madness VII: Second Round, Midwest Region

This afternoon's match-ups come from the Midwest Region. It features a weatherman, guy who pushes people, high maintenance wives, an actress, viral video star, bad shot taker (and maker), and another high maintenance wife.

(1) Gary England vs. (8) Marcus Smart

(4) Marla Morgan vs. (12) Vanity Perkins

(3) Olivia Munn vs. (6) Sweet Brown

(2) Russell Westbrook vs. (7) Linda Cavanaugh

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(1) Gary England vs. (8) Marcus Smart

gary england

(1) Gary England

Conference: Gods

Who They Are: God/Former KWTV 9 Meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Omnipotence

Biggest Weakness: Winning Ogle Madness

Defeated: (16) Captain Bigot from Enid 402-74


marcus smart

(8) Marcus Smart

Conference: OSU Basketball Player

Who They Are: Oklahoma State University Guard

Biggest Strength: Shoving Probably Douchebags

Biggest Weakness: Deciding when to leave for the NBA draft

 Defeated: (9) Thayer Evans 287-198



(4) Marla Morgan vs. (12) Vanity Perkins


(4) Marla Morgan

Conference: Weatherpeople Spouses

Who She Is: KFOR meteorologist Mike Morgan’s wife.

Biggest Strengths: Mastery of email.

Biggest Weaknesses: Bedazzled ties.

Defeated: (13) Danny Bowien 287-198



(12) Vanity Perkins

Conference: NBA Player Wives

Who She Is: Wife to OKC Thunder center Kendrick Perkins

Biggest Strength: Hates Regular Jim Traber

Biggest Weakness: Not too good in a nail salon situation.

Defeated: (5) Mike Morgan 276-195



 (3) Olivia Munn vs. (6) Sweet Brown


(3) Olivia Munn

Defeated: (14) OU Tuba Players 402-136

Conference: Famous Oklahoma Women

Who She Is: Actress, Model, Hottest Woman on Newsroom not named Emily Mortimer

Biggest Strength: Making nerds like her.

Biggest Weakness: Is not into dudes who write blogs.

Defeated: (14) OU Tuba Players 402-136


sweet brown

(6) Sweet Brown

Conference: Really Long 15 Minutes

Who She Is: Cold Pop Loving Internet Sensation

Biggest Strength: Has apparently made a ton of money by “not having time for that.”

Biggest Weakness: Word has it she is a nightmare to work with. Shocking, huh?

Defeated: (11) Reuters Reporters 356-180



(2) Russell Westbrook vs. (7) Linda Cavanaugh


(2) Russell Westbrook

Conference: OKC Thunder Players

Who He Is: Point Guard for The Oklahoma City Thunder

Biggest Strength: Is a basketball beast. A beast.

Biggest Weakness: Meniscus.

Defeated: (15) Oklahoma Digital Desk 493-42



(7) Linda Cavanaugh

Conference: Local News Legends

Who She Is: Anchor on KFOR 4

Biggest Strength: Longevity.

Biggest Weakness: Trash or Treasure.

Defeated: (10) Christina Fallin 339-197


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