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Oklahoma GOP leader suggests eliminating public schools and sending women back to dark ages…

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole sent me a Facebook rant from some lady named Holly Gerrard. It thanked Oklahoma legislators for trying to block Common Core academic standards from Oklahoma schools, which is the newest anti-gubment movement by the tea party.

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Holly's rant received 64 "likes" and a whole bunch of positive comments. One of them came from Oklahoma politico wannabe Pam Pollard. She's the former Vice-Chair of the Oklahoma GOP and currently the President of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. Yes, Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. Remember that when you check out her bat-shit crazy response to the post above:

pam pollard facebook post

As much as you may want to think Pam's diatribe was written by a troll looking to make a point through satire, it's apparently not. A leader within the Oklahoma Republican party seriously suggested we do things like eliminate public schools, keep women out of the workplace so they can cook dinner for their husband, and use the Bible to teach subjects like science, history and geography. For what it's worth, Putin, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban all think America should embrace those ideas.

In all honesty, Pam's views are not all that ludicrous if you're mentally disturbed. I actually agree with some of her points. It would be great to roll back all the progress women have made in the workforce to keep them at home and in the kitchen. It would take us back to the glory days of the past, when only white men ruled the world. And of course we should be using the Bible to teach our kids science and history. As we know, it's the only textbook that teaches the scientific fact that the earth is 6,000 years old.

Outside of the mentally disturbed part, I'm kidding about all that. Unlike Pam, I made a point through satire.

Can you imagine living in a world where her "idea" is a reality? Would you want your doctor to have received their high school education from Leviticus? I know I wouldn't. Also, what would we do with all the unemployed teachers, principals, counselors, superintendents, janitors, bus drivers, coaches, teachers aids, and schoolyard bullies. They'd probably have to get jobs as "the help" for wealthy white women who are busy teaching their kids and cooking dinner for their hard-working husband in the grandma house.

Here are some other thoughts:

• Are you familiar with the website It posts Facebook comments from people who think The Onion articles are real news. It's pretty funny. Sally Kern's even made the list. We should start a similar website for Facebook comments that should actually be The Onion articles. Pollard's post could be the first entry.

• I would also expect someone like Pam to know the difference between "Capital" and "Capitol." See, the "capitol" is the building that is falling apart. The "capital" of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City. I went to public schools and even I knew that. And please disregard any typos I may have made, I went to public schools.

• The most important point Pam made is getting our children "kingdom ready." And by "kingdom ready," I'm assuming she means Christian, because in her mind, I bet all other religions are bullshit.

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