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Hey, another Oklahoma girl is wearing a headdress. This time it’s probably okay.

mardi nider

The babe pictured above is Mardi Nider. You may be shocked to learn this, but she's a model. In fact, she may be representing Oklahoma in an upcoming Maxim Hometown Hottie thing. Hard to believe, huh?

Through the Ogle Mole Network, we've acquired a couple of pics of Mardi wearing a Native American headdress. Check them out below. When you do, please consider Mardi has Creek ancestry and she's not Christina Fallin.

model headdress


mardi nider headdress

When I first saw these pics, two things crossed my mind. The first would be very inappropriate to write on this website. The second was "Is this photo appropriate?" Since Mardi has Native American ancestry and is not a pale entitled white hipster looking for attention, my hunch is that she's fine. She's simply paying respects to her ancestry in a very very very attractive, slightly awkward way.

Based on a FB conversation she had with a friend, I bet Mardi agrees:

fb pic

Well, that's cool. You gotta love the Ogle Mole Network.

Anyway, who cares what Mardi and I think. Let's have a poll! Tell us, TLO readers, are those photos of Mardi appropriate. I think they are, but let's be safe.

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